Your regular job gets tiring as well as boring when you do it over a long time span. You can check on some of the money earning apps that will reward you with real money, as well as some amazing gift cards. You would be amazed to know what kind of apps would provide you with real money. Have you heard about the real cash games or some other apps that are fun and easy to use? 

Here is the list for you all to have a good time with these real cash games and money earning apps. 


Dangal game is an app where you can enjoy real cash games. Having a good time with some of the best casual games and receiving a lot of money prizes is the ultimate goal of using the Dangal games app. There are already many users having fun while playing up to 50 casual games. 

Also, you have this amazing chance to earn with referrals. If your friends or family join the app through your link, you will be gifted with some massive bonus points that you could use in the games. 

So many different fun games are available to you in the app, like 8 ball pool, ludo, arcade games, street racing, poker, rummy, etc. you can have fun with these games and have a good time while also winning money rewards.


If you like to spend much of the time with real cash games or watching trailers for movies, you should use this Inbox dollars app for free. You have to do some effortless activities like searching the internet, watching movie trailers, or playing real cash games. Just have fun while doing almost nothing and receive great rewards. Enjoy your free time while also being productive at the same time. You would not feel that you wasted time! 


It is one of the most entertaining apps you would have ever come across! Just spend your time doing the most fun and entertaining activities like shopping online, surfing the web in your free time, answer and participating in some of the surveys. You would get some gift cards that you can avail of later. You can use a Paypal account to ensure you are getting your amount in your bank. 


Now, if you are a cricket fan and want to showcase your talent with the rest of the players, you should play fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket is one of the best real cash games that you can play on the Fantasy Dangal app. You can’t even imagine how much you can earn with the fantasy cricket app. Some so many other live opponents would be ready to play with you. 

You can join the app now by registering yourself and winning a lot of money with the help of this new fantasy cricket app


You wish you could just get real cash for checking your phone every time you check it. Is it like a dream? No, not now! You can get your amount every single time you check your phone. It works like, when you see your smartphone, you would be shown an ad, and you have to slide to learn more about that ad and then slide again to see the promo. You can effortlessly get some amount that could be useful to you without doing anything. 


We all waste our time watching ads that do not provide us with anything. But how would you feel when you get some cash for watching the ads. Now, the AppTrailers is here to reward you with some extra money without even indulging in real cash games. If you are not a big fan of real cash games, you must pass your time watching some ads that would yield some money. Also, you can upload your own videos to earn some extra points and get likes for the same. 


These are some of the money earning apps you can use at any point of the day. Playing real cash games is a thing now! People use these gaming and fun apps to make money in this new world. You can utilize your free time by using these apps. So, don’t waste your time anymore and earn money with one of the best real money gaming apps.

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