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Significant Cost Reductions with SAN Solutions

Enterprises nowadays are constantly faced with a challenge of rapid explosion of data from all the macro trends such as; social media, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and big data. Many organizations are faced with snowballing technology requirements and are declining IT budgets that means doing more with less.

However, they are focusing on the wrong aspect and are reducing costs and budget incorrectly. What these organizations need is a storage solution that itself is cost-efficient. Enough so that there are no unnecessary budget cuts on the more important things. Such a solution is known to be SAN solution.

SAN Solution Can Change Everything

When it comes to reducing costs or budgets, storage is often the highest single line item that is drastically reduced. Enterprises believe that they don’t need much storage now and that storage is just storage. Storage won’t perform any other function other than storing data, whereas this is not the case

With software storage solutions such as, software-based SAN, enterprises can save their storage costs and, at the same time, do a lot more with their storage than to just use it for storing data.

This is because good SAN solutions from reliable vendors like StoneFly, offer so much more than just data storage. They are easily more scalable, flexible, highly available and cost-effective than traditional storage solutions.

One of the best things about SAN solutions is that these solutions can be deployed in conjunction with industry standard hardware, which avoids any possible vendor lock-in. This gives organizations the freedom to choose their hardware, from anywhere they like, ensuring that they always get the right hardware for their requirements, with the right price, of course. Democratizing the infrastructure in this way will deliver cost savings by 60%.

What Makes SAN Solutions So Cost-Effective?

One of the factors that make software storage solutions so cost-effective is scalability. As mentioned before, software storage solutions are really easy to scale and are highly scalable as well.

There is no need to spend enterprise money on getting another storage solution for more storage or performance. Enterprises can add more storage or performance when needed in the same software storage solution with ease by simply scaling up or scaling out (by adding expansion units and storage nodes respectively), to add more storage space or performance, and while also staying in the same namespace.

Other than this, there are no high initial startup charges and with good reliable vendors like StoneFly, there are also no hidden costs either. Enterprises only have to pay for the services they need, not for everything else. This way, they can save costs and can always get more services if they need in the future. This makes SAN solutions very cost efficient.


SAN storage solutions are really helpful for the enterprise as they help in reducing the costs and offer many other benefits as well like scalability, high availability, flexibility and are highly reliable as well. All these attributes and more make software storage solutions an excellent choice for enterprise looking to do more with their data and to save costs.

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