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Routes To Become A CMI Chartered Manager

Becoming a CMI Chartered Manager will take your managerial career to new heights. In other words, this status will help you make a quantum leap toward growth.

However, before we tell you about this and the routes to attain this status, you must know first about CMI.

What is CMI?

The full form of CMI is the Chartered Management Institute. It works with business and education to inspire people. It does so to make people skilled, confident, and successful managers and leaders.

Using practical qualifications, events, and networking opportunities, helps people boost their career prospects. Besides that, it also connects them with other passionate professionals across all sectors and industries.  It has over 100k people who are training to become better managers.

With support from a unique Royal Charter, it is the only organization that can issue Chartered Manager status.

CMI’s thought leadership, research, and online resources offer practical insight for both today’s leaders and the next generation.

Its thought leadership, research, and online resources offer practical insight for both the next generation and today’s leaders. This insight also means that one can confidently represent its 170000 plus membership community when speaking to policymakers.

It is all in aid of one simple target; to raise the standard and number of professionally eligible managers.

CMI Chartered Manager status:

Chartered Manager is the highest status with professional recognition. You can accomplish this status in the management and leadership profession.

This status recognizes managers with extraordinary management and leadership skills and commitment to (CPD) Continuing Professional Development. Based on this, you can show employers and peers the value of a professional approach delivering measurable impact.

If desiring this status but only just beginning your management career journey, then go for Foundation Chartered Manager status. Hire a CMI expert to know more about this.

This status will recognize your present skills and knowledge. Besides that, it will put on the first step to a guided learning pathway leading to a full Chartered Manager credential. So, for a positive CMI assessment, choose this way.

Routes to becoming a CMI Chartered Manager:

This time, CMI gives three routes to attaining Chartered status, dependent on your management experience and qualification.

You should hire a CMI Chartered Manager report writing expert to ask which category is perfect for you.

  1. Fast Track to Chartered Status:

You can choose the Fast Track to Chartered Status pathway providing that:

If having a CMI Diploma qualification and a minimum of 3 years of work experience in a management role. This qualification must be at level 5 or above.

For registration, contact the team at cmgr@managers.org.uk to request registration. Apart from that, don’t forget to request for an invoice to be provided to you.

This route builds on completing your CMI Diploma qualification. Besides that, it gives a fast-track CMI assessment process considering your prior learning with CMI.

It costs £130 + VAT (with membership fees where applicable).

You need to use the CMI application template to complete and submit for assessment.

  1. Full Assessment for Chartered Status:

You can apply using this route providing that:

If having a degree level qualification that is management, business or leadership focused. Aside from that, 3 years of work experience in a management role.

Or a minimum of 5 years of management experience, which is equivalent to Level 5 or operational/senior management level. You can use this if you don’t have a management-specific qualification.

For registration, you should contact the team via cmr@managers.org.uk to ask. Here, you also need to contact for an invoice to be given to you.

You must capture details of your latest attainments/positive results. After that, you will work with an assessor for the completion of the assessment review. You can pick between a Written Submission assessment or a Professional Discussion assessment.

It will cost you £540+VAT or £855+VAT respectively (with membership fees where applicable).

You need to complete and submit the CMI application template for assessment, which depends on your picked method.

  1. Apprenticeship EPA & Chartered Status:

Choosing this pathway requires you that:

You are completing End Point Assessment using CMI for one of these apprenticeship standards. Besides that, you need to have related management experience:

  • Level 5 Operations/Department Manager
  • Level 6 CMDA
  • Level 7 SLMDA

You don’t need to register for Chartered Manager status.

The Chartered Manager assessment criteria are based on the CMI assessment at EPA. There is no extra work and no additional fee for the apprentice.

It means:

If completing a CMI qualification with the apprenticeship, a Chartered Manager will automatically be issued when passing your apprenticeship.

If having CMI membership support as your EPA package part, a Chartered Manager will automatically be issued when passing your apprenticeship.

After completing EPA only (not any qualification, not any membership support)

When passing your apprenticeship, you can complete a form to claim your related Chartered status.




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