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Required Documents For Stage 2 Competency Standards

The phrase ‘Stage 2 Competency Standards’ mustn’t be alien to you if you dream of Australian immigration as an engineer.

It is an assessment process that you need to go through to prove that you have the required engineering:

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Application abilities
  • Technical qualifications
  • Principles
  • Disciplines

You must show the above-listed things when you work individually or unaccompanied.

Why Engineers Australia uses Stage 2 Competency Standards:

The Stage 2 Competency Standard assessment is the gateway for Engineers Australia Chartered membership. Apart from that, it will also make you eligible for the National Engineering Register (NER).

These professions have recognition from the government and the world. As a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng), you have to maintain competency in your area of expertise.

As a professional engineer, you need to deliver different types of competencies to your experience. Let’s move further to know the important parts of the competencies:

  1. Know the needs of the customers, stakeholders and society as a whole.
  2. Target the growth of social, economic and environmental aspects over a lifetime of engineering products.
  3. Deal with other professions from different backgrounds.
  4. Show that the engineering input is completely incorporated into the overall project or program.
  5. Understand technical possibilities for industry, culture and government.
  6. Make sure that risks, prices and limitations are understandable about the outcomes.
  7. Ensure that technological and non-technological aspects are in balance.
  8. Handle risks and maintain long-term viability.
  9. Make sure that every facet of a method, project or procedure is based on sound logic and basic values.
  10. Easily identify how future technologies apply to old ones.

The work of a Professional Engineer is to pay heed to the communications between technology and human beings. The professional offers a great deal of contribution to the science of engineering and improves the engineering practice.

The Stage 2 Competency Standards apply to every engineer practice divided into four basic units:

  1. Technical proficiency
  2. Value in the workplace
  3. Obligation to the community
  4. Personal Commitment

Required documents for the Stage 2 Competency Standards:

You have to submit several documents to attain Chartered recognition. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the documents necessary to qualify as a Professional Engineer for you. Aside from that, we will also give you the necessary information about each of the documents:

  • Engineering Competency Claims (ECCs)
  • An up to date resume
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Record
  • Engineering Experience Record (EER)

Engineering Competency Claims (ECCs):

In Engineering Competency Claims (EEC), you have to mention your core competencies along with your work experience. The authority will see your involvement in the technological field of engineering through ECCs. The number of Competency claims you have to submit is dependent on the type of pathway you pick. For instance, you need 16 engineering competency claims for the ECR pathways.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Record:

Through Continuing Professional Development (CPD), you show your skills sets of knowledge in the engineering field you claimed. This part is very important for the National Engineering Registration (NER) application. Here, you have to show how many of the CPD hours you have attained in the last 3 years. It includes the details on your commitment towards the engineering product, technological efficiency and criteria you show in the workplace.

Engineering Experience Record (EER):

EER includes all your work experience records. In this document, you need to mention the employer’s name under which you worked. Apart from that, you need to mention the job roles and responsibilities you had in your employment period. The word limit for Engineering Experience Record (EER) is nearly 700 words.

Up to date resume:

Upload your latest resume for your Stage 2 Competency Engineers Australia application. Here, include your recent work experience history along with the one you are involved in in the present. Another thing to remember here is to keep it simple and in a precise manner.

Pathways for Stage 2 Competency Standards: 

You can apply for Stage 2 Competency through the following pathways. These pathways will help you prepare your genuine report showing the knowledge you attained to date.

  • Engineering Competency Report (ECR)
  • Professional Development Program (PDP)
  • Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA)
  • Mature Experience Engineer (MEE)

Why hire a Stage 2 Competency Standard expert?

Now, you are at the end of this article. However, knowing all the points we provided to help you is not enough about this assessment report. Apart from having a clear idea of the assessment system, you also need to hire an expert. The following are the reasons for doing so:

  1. Only an expert has a clear idea of the assessment criteria, Australian engineering atmosphere, assessment system, techniques to highlight competencies and so on. A non-professional can’t do all these things; no matter how excellently they work as an engineer.
  2. You will also get free professional advice from our experts. Such valuable advice and guidance will help you prepare for Chartership.
  3. Experts will also provide you with free reference materials and helpful bibliographies. Through them, you will be able to attain a much deeper knowledge of your engineering field.
  4. Round-the-clock customer support services will keep you positive by letting you talk to the agent anytime.
  5. Unlimited free correction services so that you can ask the writer to edit your report as per your expectations. You can do it as many times as you want without paying extra.


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