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Let’s talk a little bit about what’s going on in the world right now. It is clear that the values, core beliefs, institutions and leaders we have believed in for most of our lives can no longer be trusted. The mainstream media is full of stories of instability in financial affairs, volatility in national affairs and downright strangeness in personal affairs. If we believed everything we heard on television, we would surely be forgotten. Where then can we look for common sense? Where is the silver lining promised to us so long ago?

It’s as close as our own heart, our next smile, our next hug. He is with us every step of the way, every moment of our lives. We don’t have to look far and wide for it, so as not to get entangled and get in the way of the changes taking place outside of us.

News and current affairs

Gone are the days when the only source of news and current affairs was through the newspaper or, at best, the radio. Technology has progressed so rapidly that there is a plethora of different media for you to hear and watch news and current events on the go. Also, some of these events could be happening on the other side of the world right now. The many media channels include television, radio, newspapers, the Internet and the mobile phone.

Currency fluctuations

However, there are some truths that may be helpful to remember as we move through the coming days. First of all, we can remind ourselves that the bailouts and spin-offs of our financial systems are 100% fully orchestrated. Nothing happens that is not well planned in advance by those who take advantage of wars, diseases, storms and currency fluctuations. The stock market, for example, does not rise and fall according to the ups and downs of the market. It never happened, it never will happen. It goes up and down in strict accordance with the instructions of a couple of selfish men who sit around a table in a back room and decide what will happen in the next few days.

Selfish agendas

Similarly, today’s diseases are man-made. They don’t come out of nowhere. They are made up and then sold to us by mindless think tanks in another back room, perhaps across the aisle from the financial think tanks that create our money challenges. The same goes for all of our wars, our weather, and every other aspect of the mainstream news we get. It is all an orchestration, a construction, which is not changed by the whims of the markets or the masses, but only by the selfish agendas of those who want to control us. And that brings us to the exciting and tantalizing subject of politics.

Talking on Politics

I know it’s popular these days to get angry on the political scene, but politics is an area to keep in perspective. Politics, by definition, is the art of controlling and manipulating people, and to the extent that we spend our precious energy talking over and over about who is going to win, or what changes they say they are going to make, we allow that ourselves are distracted and removed from our own power. For when we choose, even in the smallest degree, to turn to others to solve our individual problems, noble as it may seem, we give up our seat on the throne of our own power. We prepare to be victimized and play the blame later. When we’re obsessed with politics, we’re essentially feeding the hand that bites us.

Once we realize what we are doing, we can stop handing the reins of our own empowerment to someone else and start taking back control of our own lives. In reality, the solutions to today’s challenges will not come from the political arena. Politicians today, without exception, are bought and sold, locked up, stored and barreled. Like puppets, they obey the orders of private tutors, otherwise they wouldn’t be on the podium in front of us. Regardless of who wins, the results of the next election will not change anything major, and thinking otherwise will only further fool ourselves.


Today’s problems can only be solved by learning to manifest. The days of living according to the whims of politicians and their mysterious money are quickly coming to an end. Those who are currently sharpening their manifestation skills are the ones that everyone will turn to in the near future. They will be the ones who create a happy life for themselves, whether there is money or not, and regardless of what the television and the newspapers say. In fact, the time will come when we will all live in manifestation, and in doing so we will access our own personal power and say goodbye to people and systems that do not serve our highest good.

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