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Pangarchulla Peak Trek

Experience the Thrill

As you approach Gelghad on the Kuari Pass hike, you’ll come across two paths. The Kuari Pass path leads to Kuari Pass, whereas the Pangarchulla Peak path leads to Pangarchulla Peak.


To get to Kuari Pass, you use the most travelled road. After climbing a difficult mountain, you arrive upon a heap of stones covered with a Tibetan flag. It should not be mistaken with Kuari Pass, since it is the Kuari Top, the highest point on this trek (3,800 m).

Fabulous View

A trail descends from this point, as if going to a magical realm. You take in the surroundings. The yellow mountains are being decked out one by one. The yellow bushes reflect the golden sunlight. The trail winds up and down in dramatic curves, affording a breathtaking view.

You’ve finally arrived at the Kuari Pass. There is a little temple in the middle of Pass. You take in the spectacular view from the pass, take a few photos, and get ready to leave.

‘What if you’d followed the less-traveled way to Pangarchulla Peak Trek instead?’ As you return to camp, you wonder.

If you hadn’t gone, what would you have missed? Quite a bit, actually.

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You’re both interested and upset that you didn’t get a chance to see something spectacular. If I had pushed myself a bit harder, I’m sure I could have had a better look at my kitty.

You deal with the aftermath while lamenting the lack of forethought. All of the reasons why Kuari Pass and Pangarchulla are so popular are listed below.

The summit of Kuari Pass has been reached. It was a pleasurable experience for you. But there’s a nagging need in the back of your mind for something more thrilling and challenging, a limit pusher. But what is it, exactly?

The solution is Pangarchulla Peak, which is near Kuari Pass.

About the Trek

Pangarchulla will provide an advantage to those who come to the highlands to test their endurance and push their limits.

Haridwar is a 10-hour drive from Joshimath (the base point of the trek). Will you be willing to travel as far as you have to in order to get any experience?

There is so much to see, but only so much time. You might as well make the most of the one chance you have.

Plus, you’ll have an extra day to rest in the woods.

The trek less climbed

A high number of people have climbed Kuari Pass Trek, although Pangarchulla Peak has been climbed by a limited number of people.

Why don’t you do something you’ll be proud of when you go back to the pavilion?

A 14,700-foot elevation is something to brag about. Isn’t that correct?

Among the route

This is the view from the road to Pangarchulla. This is the first time you can get a full 360-degree view of Nanda Ghunti and Trishul. In my perspective, the photos speak for themselves.

Being in the presence of such an environment is a blessing. Even Kuari Pass does not offer such sweeping vistas.

Pangarchulla is the opportunity. Accept it!
Kuari Pass is a great place to go hiking in the winter. There’s no way around it. The climb to Pangarchulla, on the other hand, is what prepares you for more difficult grades.

Consider it a warm-up for the upcoming more difficult travels. You’ll be inspired to climb additional peaks once you’ve completed that.

Just getting to the top of the hill and taking in the view of the lowlands and lakefront meadows is enough. It’s time to make another ascent to the top of a hill. For skilled hikers, Pangarchulla Peak is a good trekking path. Although the walk is not difficult, it is long and demands a lot of effort to accomplish. It will be fantastic if you take the hike route through Kuari Pass.

Foothill Region

Beautiful forests with alpine and deodar trees can be found in the foothill region, where a fantastic snow-covered path with a delicate touch and nature’s colourful beauty is kept for the next round of the journey. When strolling through the forests at the bottom level, you can see Himalayan Bears and leopards.

Starting Point

The walk will begin at Chamoli, a district in the Garhwal Himalayas, on a lovely path that will be covered with snow. You’ll start ascending to Joshimath from there till you reach Kuari pass. Once you reach the pass, the true pickup to the Pangarchulla mountain begins. From the Kuari pass to the Pangarchulla summit, the elevation is 3650 metres, with a peak elevation of 4700 metres.

As a result, you’ll have covered half the distance by the time you reach Kuari Pass. Although there are steep mountains and lovely panoramas in your way, the true beauty queen is on both sides. Look to the sides – all of the high peaks are perplexedly staring at you. The walk is not extremely challenging, but it is an unforgettable experience.

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