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Kuari Pass Trek: A Beginners Guide


Get ready for an exciting adventure higher than the blue skies. Get ready for some amazing camp nights, dusty walks, snowy slides, rolling stones, conquering mountains, get lost in the woods, walk through forests, get draped in snow and a whole lot of fun. You will be experiencing all this in the Kuari Pass Trek. 

A popular and highly recommended trek in the himalayan region, Kuari pass takes you through the amazing views of the Hiamlayas and watches the pinnacles of some of the tallest and most popular mountains of the world. 



Kuari Pass is located at an elevation of around 12,763 ft situated in the Garhwal region in Himalaya in the state called Uttarakhand. Walking for about 6 days you cover a stretch of 33 kms. Although the height and distance seems breathtaking, it is an easy to moderate trek so even beginners with no practical experience can start this wonderful journey. 



In 1905 Lord Curzon arrived at Kuari pass from Ghat through Ramni, crossing not many lesser passes (Vinayak Pass, Tali Top) and five significant waterways – the Pindar, Kaliganga, Mandakini, Bheriganga and the Dhauliganga. This trip is extremely well known among European and American Travelers. This is also a reason why Kuari Pass trek is also called “Curzon trail.” It is said that this path was constructed and improved for him to do the trek.


From where to start?

The Kuari Pass trek starts from Tapoban (a small village) in Joshimath, in the Chamoli area of Himalayas, which has developed into the center for travelers and pioneers in this piece of the Himalayas. Strolling along the Curzon trail through these towns is an incredible method for getting to know the existence of the mountain people. You can start this Trek from Gangotri and is around 18km long. 


Things to carry 

  • Camera ( to capture the beautiful landscapes, mountains, The Himalayan range and some of your beautiful memories)
  • Extra pair of Clothes 
  • Sweatshirts, pullovers, track pants, full sleeves T shirt, warm innerwear, thermals woolen clothes because it would be cold and snowy
  • Trekking shoes with thick sole should be comfortable to enable you with easy climbing
  •  Cosmetics like sunscreen, cream, moisturizer, body lotion, face wash, body wash, lip balm etc
  • snacks or packed lunch as you won’t get any eating points up reaching there
  • Backpack to carry all these items
  • Walking / Hiking pole
  • Rope 
  • Headtorch / Flashlight because there is no electricity in the hilly area 
  • Medicines for any medical emergencies
  • First Aid for any physical injuries while your journey
  • Toiletries
  • Thermos and water bottle in case of warm water 


Why should you visit Kuari Pass?

The really invigorating piece of the trip is while strolling through the lavish Himalayan knolls, called ‘Bugyals’ in the nearby tongue. The excellence and quietness of a Himalayan glade is something which nobody should pass up. The most noteworthy is the Gorson Bugyal, consisting of huge undulating green fields. On this journey you will likewise visit Auli, which is well known for its delightful skiing slants in the colder time of year. 

You can also witness the intersection of the rivers which make the Panch Prayag. The rivers are Dhauli Ganga, Nandakini, Pinder, Kaliganga, Birehiganga. 

While you reach the peak of Kuari pass at 12,763 ft you can view the immense skyline of the Himalayan range which is simply breathtaking. This is the trek which gives  you the closest view of the second highest peak in India called Mt Nanda Devi. 

This is just when you reach the top but the journey is more beautiful than the destination. 

You walk through the typical passages of the Garhwal villages and can slide in the snowy slopes, do skiing and have a lot of fun. On your path you would also be walking through thick Rhododendron and oak forests, open meadows and overlook the magnificent Dronagiri parvat. 

It is one of the most adventurous treks as you will pass through small paths with Ghats along and all draped in snow which will give you a thrilling experience  for sure. 

This trek gives you a chance to view the unparalleled skyline of peaks such as Neelkanth, Mana, Hathi Ghoda Parbat, Dronagiri, Mukut Parbat, Changbang and many more which is definitely not less than a dream to view such an impressive skyline. 


Best time to visit

Spring month’s mid-September to early November are viewed as an ideal opportunity to travel Kuari Pass. Traveling is fun with rich vegetation in general and the quiet climate. As I said, you pass through thick Rhododendron and oak forests; during these times they are most blooming and green at that time. During Spring seasons the climate is moderate and it is so cold thus it makes it easy for the trekkers to climb. 

 Winter: The trip becomes troublesome throughout the colder time of year. Weighty woolen garments and shoes are a must for traveling during winter. The vegetation is covered under a thick blanket of snow and thus the greenery and the beauty of nature is not visible clearly. 


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