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Interim Registration Eligibility Criteria

Interim registration serves as a confirmation that you have completed academic learning and attained basic knowledge of your professional title. It shows your passion and commitment to the profession and the development of the professional competency necessary for full registration.

After the processing of your registration, the Engineering Council will give you an Interim registration certificate.

Interim registration eligibility criteria:

To satisfy the Interim registration requirements, you have to:

  • Be a Graduate Member, Associate Member, Fellow or Member
  • Have got an initial evaluation outcome email that advises you to proceed via the Standard Route. In case of having not submitted an initial assessment, contact an Interim registration expert.
  • Compete and return the Interim Registration Application Form which CIH will email you (if you are competent).
  • Pay the initial registration feel (£10.90), and after that, the yearly feel (£14.60) (2020 fees)

Having received your Interim Registration Application Form and registration, the Engineering Council will issue you an Interim Registration Certificate. This certificate will be for the relevant professional title, the Engineering will send it within 6 weeks.

Keep in mind: Interim registration doesn’t allow you to use the title’s post-nominal letters. To use this, you have to be fully registered.

How to attain Chartership via Interim Registration?

If having achieved an acceptable qualification for Chartership but lack the experience to satisfy the UK-SPEC standards, then choose Interim registration. Doing so will be a wise step for you. If you attain sufficient experience (5 years is indicative), the authority will consider your application for full Chartered Engineer status.

Let’s know further how you can benefit from the Interim CEng pathway.

How Interim Registration can help you in accomplishing the Chartered status?

  • Access to the IFE’s international branch networks and specialist interest groups
  • Online CPD tracking
  • Access to MY IFE online resources, which include sector vacancies
  • IFE journal, online access to archived publications and newsletters
  • International and local CPD events

How can you apply?

The assessment criteria for Interim Chartered Engineer also fulfill the requirements for Associate grade member of the IFE. It means you can apply for Interim CEng registration and Associate (AIFireE) through a single application.

Some important things to keep in mind:

If wishing to be Interim registered as a Chartered or Incorporated Engineer, apply for this instead of applying for Associate alone. It is because a successful Interim application will achieve Associate membership on its own. Therefore, it is not necessary to be an Associate.

In case of living outside the UK, you should contact your local branch if available to you first. You should do it, especially if you prefer to pay in local currency.  To know more about this, it’s wise to contact an IFE expert.

IFE code of conduct:

If somebody is a member of the Institution of Fire Engineers holding any grade, then they have to:

  1. Support the name and standing of the institution and the fire engineering profession
  2. Pay heed to the provisions of the Institution’s governing documents and supporting regulations and rules
  3. Take up responsibility for work done by them or under their supervision, exercising all acceptable professional skills and care in doing that work
  4. Have adequate professional indemnity insurance, where necessary
  5. Utilize all acceptable professional skills and care to prevent avoidable danger to safety or health and to prevent avoidable negative environmental implications
  6. Maintain their professional eligibility and only take up professional tasks for which they are competent
  7. Avoid perceived or real conflicts of interest and advise affected parties if any such conflicts come up
  8. Perform their professional duties with integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality
  9. Pay heed to the duty of confidentiality owed to appropriate parties
  10. Help any workmate or any other person to whom they have a responsibility for care, who is in good faith raises any concern regarding a risk, danger, malpractice or wrongdoing which may negatively affect others
  11. Inform the Institution of any serious or major violation of this Code of Professional Conduct by another member.
  12. Inform the Institution immediately if they have:

Had a criminal conviction or an adverse civil court judgement where either of these relates to any aspect of this Code of Professional Conduct

Been found bankrupt or ineligible as a company director or charity trustee

Had membership of another professional institution or body terminated due to a disciplinary procedure

Five reasons for hiring a professional to assist you in achieving interim registration:

  • You will have a success guarantee, as the professional will be able to show your engineering competency much better. It is because they are aware of the report writing guidelines and its assessment criteria.
  • The professional services will come with free professional advice and guidance. Such useful services will help you prepare for the registration with the Engineering Council much better.
  • Free Turnitin reports to assure you that your report content is plagiarism-free.
  • Round-the-clock customer support services to help you get in touch with the professional when feeling nervous.
  • A facility of unlimited free correction and a money-back guarantee on a negative result or late delivery.


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