Increase Online Sales Around Christmas Through Set Photos

Christmas business online is a very delicate moment in the economy of a store and it could be a good motivational push to start building a long-term digital communication project. In this phase of the year, advertising expenses increase and online communication can be a valid support for your marketing activity. To get quick and professional outcomes at your reasonable budget, you need to hire an experienced image masking service.

The Adept Clipping Path  team has come up with a real instruction manual to help you better promote your online business:

  1. Photo shooting: through photographs with a Christmas atmosphere you can involve your audience more and more;
  2. Real-time marketing: the ability of brands to react quickly to events that occur in real-time, with the aim of being reactive to people’s interest in a topic and the resulting “chatter” to obtain visibility and consensus;
  3. Creating Emotions: Sharing your content where you show who you are and what is behind your business.


Photo shooting

Today’s smartphones take photos of a very high-quality level. But remember that in this particular period of the year the competition is very high so you need to capture the attention of the potential customer by giving your best and making yourself unrecognizable.

Having some shots to use for your campaigns made by a professional could make the difference. In addition, graphic components or settings aimed at recalling the Christmas spirit can also help. These types of photos not only contribute to creating a new communication style for your company but, above all, play on customers’ emotions.

For example, if your company deals with furniture or interior products, they could suggest blankets and pillows designed specifically for this time of year, reproducing a family sitting on your iconic sofa while watching a Christmas movie, perhaps even enjoying themselves a hot chocolate on a cup of your own production. In this way, not only do you get to show your product but, more importantly, you communicate to the customer that your work is aimed at their well-being and not just your income.

Real-time marketing [ Christmas business online ]

During COVID-19, several brands changed their way of communicating to reflect consumer needs and keep up with the times. If your company has not yet taken this step, now is the right time! Customers don’t like to feel alone as a “consumer,” but they want to feel that the product you want to sell really suits them and that your business wants to help them achieve that goal.

Now is the time to come up with some Christmas marketing ideas to increase your eCommerce sales because this is the time when online shopping can reach the pinnacle of success.

The keyword in this paragraph is “real-time marketing” or the ability of the company to do marketing in real-time, exploiting particular events or situations to direct attention to its brand.

Communication is everything to increase the sales of an eCommerce and you can’t think of always using the same phrases for Christmas marketing or just sending corporate Christmas greetings to customers. Real-time marketing was born as a promotion that exploits the moment but also finds application in events, traditions, and fixed recurrences such as Christmas. Find a way to attract attention with irony and the ability to grasp the characteristic cultural elements of your audience, and you will be able to carry out a real-time Christmas marketing campaign in the best possible way.


Set photography or infographic

If you decide to write something about the images you want to promote, take the opportunity to talk about the new hopes in the post covid19 era, don’t just send corporate Christmas greetings but try to create a feeling with your customers. Remember: you need to grab attention, stand out, and become recognizable.

Your goal is to make sure that when a user sees your message, they immediately lead them back to your business.

How to do it? You can turn to a professional graphic designer or an agency to help you build “your image”.

During the Christmas period, you may need posts for your social channels and graphics to embellish them (but also flyers or large-format applications at the offline level).

To become memorable in the minds of your potential customers, coordinated graphics could be valid support.

To close this general overview on the online promotion of your shop during the Christmas period, the Adept Clipping Path team wants to give you one last tip on publishing content.

There are numerous reasons why it is important to promote your Christmas business online, but among the main ones we find two:

  • people are surrounded by a climate of positive emotions that lead them to be more inclined to buy;
  • other companies will also take steps to bring as many people to their store as possible so it’s okay to make yourself unrecognizable.

For these reasons, your task is not only to promote a product, but you must focus on the work of communication to generate the trust of the potential customer, reassuring him that buying a product from your store will be the right choice.

Communicate what makes your business special, tell your experience and highlight your skills, write down what people can’t find online or from your competitors.

Remember: Christmas can be the starting point for a long-term digital strategy, constant throughout the year.

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