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Definition Of People Management

People management employs, leads, and develops team members to fulfill the organization’s overall mission. People managers are responsible for all people-related duties such as finding new talent, engaging employees, and advancing their careers. They are frequently in charge of new employee onboarding and training.

Following onboarding, people managers assist and collaborate with supervisors to provide feedback and mentorship to workers. This collaborative approach to people management assists employees in achieving their goals and working together as a team.

People management is a broad category of tasks that falls under the domain of Human Resource Management (HRM). The following are the top priorities for most people managers:

  • Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Development and training
  • Management of performance
  • Employee involvement
  • Compensation and benefits administration

Important people management abilities


  1. Empathy
  2. Communication
  3. Listening actively
  4. Creativity
  5. Organizational aptitude


Empathy assists people managers in understanding where another person is coming from when delivering feedback or distributing duties. You can better comprehend what motivates and challenges another person by putting yourself in their shoes and viewing things from their perspective.


Communication is essential for success in many positions, including people management. In various situations, successful people managers can communicate properly with their coworkers. They strike a balance between honesty and politeness to reach a large number of individuals.

Active listening

It is essential to pay attention to employees and coworkers. People managers use active listening to listen to the person. They take note of what the other person says orally and any nonverbal indications that could otherwise go unnoticed before replying.


Everyone is a little different. Each employee has unique requirements and motivations. Discovering these distinctions is one thing; acting on this knowledge is quite another. Solving people’s problems necessitates innovative thinking. Having unconventional problem-solving skills might thus be beneficial in people management.

Organizational aptitude

People management involves a large number of people and moving components. It needs a well-organized person to create and manage company-wide and team-wide processes. Simple practices that make better use of people’s time have a significant impact. Making an agenda for meetings, swiftly following up on communications, and utilizing project management tools can all be extremely beneficial.

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