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If the appetite is low or the bones are weak, then do Triangle Posture daily, you will get many benefits

If you feel less hungry or feel full even after eating a little food, then it can be dangerous. It is very important for a person to have adequate nutritious food according to his age and weight. If you eat less food, your bones become weak. Many such yogasanas have been told in the science of yoga, which increases appetite and removes stomach problems. Triangle posture is also one such asana, which is beneficial in loss of appetite, spinal and stomach problems. Let us tell you how to do triangle posture (Trikonasana) and what are its benefits.

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The first way to do triangle posture

You can do Triangle Asana in two ways. By the first method it can be easily done standing up. To do this asana, first stand straight and then spread them by making a distance of two to two and a half feet between your two feet. After this, keep your right leg straight and lift the right hand in the right line of the shoulder with the ear and then while bending the left leg from the knees, slowly bending to the left, touch the left toe with the fingers of the left hand.

After staying in this position for 2 to 3 minutes, come back to the normal position. Now repeat this action on the right side in the same way. While doing this, keep in mind that the palm of the hand kept above should always face in front.

Another way to do:

Triangle posture can also be done in another method, in which it is done sitting. To do Trikonasana with this method, sit with your right leg extended forward. Keep the right leg straight and straight and keep the heel close to the buttocks (hip) while taking the left leg back from the knee. After this, while bending your head and chest forward by spreading both your hands, try to hold or touch the claw of the right foot with the right hand and then the claw of the left foot with the left hand. During this, breathe normally and exhale. After staying in this position for some time, come to the normal position and then keep the left leg completely straight and repeat this action by taking the right leg back. In this way, practice this asana by alternating both legs.

Why is the triangle posture beneficial?

Triangle posture is most beneficial for the spine and its lower back. If the bones of a person’s spine are weak, then he should do a regular triangle posture. Due to this, the movement and rotation of the body can be done better. Doing this easy improves digestion and increases appetite.

It removes lameness caused by injury to the bones of the buttocks, upper thigh (narua or shin). Also, by doing triangle posture, the blood circulation (blood flow) in the whole body is accelerated and all the parts of the body get energized. This asana also increases the working capacity of the body.

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