How to Proofread an Assignment without Tears?

I need someone to rate my paper before the final submission’- This article is for you if you can relate to this statement. You can still make silly errors even if you put all your effort into writing the assignment. These mistakes cost your valuable grades and hence shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, let’s check out some easy tips to proofread documents easily.

Learn to concentrate

Most students end up saying, ‘help me rate my paper’ because they are unable to concentrate on the task. Proofreading demands your utmost focus. You have to get rid of distractions and potential interruptions. You can switch off your mobile phone or stay away from email if that’s what keeps you from focussing.

Print out a copy of the assignment

People do not read texts on paper and screen the same way. It is better if you can print out a copy of your assignment and check it. You can also read aloud so that your ears catch the errors your eyes have missed.

Keep an eye on homonyms

Words that share the same spelling and punctuation are homonyms. Students often get confused between them and may even end up using the wrong word in the wrong place. Understand one thing, homonyms may sound similar but have different meanings. Your assignment may seem irrelevant if you use the wrong word in the wrong place. Read this – 4 Actionable Strategies To Conquer Trigonometry Proving

Keep an eye on apostrophes and contractions

It is a common tendency for students to mix words such as their and they’re, your, and you’re, etc. Using the incorrect word hurts the credibility of your text. Also, you don’t use apostrophes to form plurals.

Check punctuations

Words matter in an assignment, and so does a punctuation mark. You must keep an eye on the punctuations since even the slightest mistake can bring the quality of your assignment down. Pay attention to other factors such as periods, commas, capitalised words and so on. You can also use an automatic alphabetiser to keep a check on the words and spellings you use in the paper.

Read the assignment backwards

You spend hours writing an assignment. It is normal for the brain to turn a blind eye to your mistakes. The brain tends to correct the wrong words inside sentences. You can change this pattern by reading the text backwards.

Cross-check the numbers

You often have to use numbers or statistical data in your assignment. It is better to cross-check the numbers before you submit the paper in class. Incorrect numbers question the overall credibility of your assignment. It raises doubt among your professors.

Get help

What do you do when you are not aware of the MLA referencing guidelines? You get help. It’s the same thing with proofreading. You should always get someone else to proofread your paper before the final submission because they may see the mistakes you missed.

That’s all! All you have to do now is eliminate all distractions and focus on writing and proofreading the assignment.


Are you done writing your assignment? Now it’s time for you to proofread the document thoroughly. This article shares all the essential tips involved in proper proofreading.

Author Bio: Alley John is an eminent math professor at a reputed university in the US.  If you ever need assistance, feel free to contact him.

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