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How To Hire Android Developers – Tips and Benefits

Android has dominated the market ever since its release. It has established itself as the most user-friendly and popular operating system and has transformed the smartphone market in a variety of ways, especially through the introduction of numerous cutting-edge UI/UX modifications, security, and privacy features with annual Android OS releases.

Many businesses employ Android, which has emerged as the top platform for developing mobile apps. This open-source system offers developers the incredible possibility to create cutting-edge Android apps while assisting businesses in turning their ground-breaking concepts into excellent mobile apps.

Numerous well-known corporations like Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, and Netflix heavily invest in android app development.

Let’s get into some tips on how you can hire android developers.

How to Hire Android Developers?

The development of mobile apps calls for a specific set of skills, backgrounds, and understanding. To build an app that makes money by targeting specific company objectives, app developers have to be well-informed about business demands as well as tech-savvy.

The following is a list of key developer skills you should look for when you hire Android developers.

Programming Language Expertise

Two of the most popular programming languages for creating Android applications are Java and Kotlin. The fundamental ideas behind these two programming languages, such as their syntax and fundamentals, functional programming, generics, multithreading and concurrency, and frameworks, should be mastered by developers.

Software Development Kit for Android

This is a pre-packaged collection of code that makes it easier and quicker to create mobile apps for Android. All Android developers should have access to Android SDKs. Think about the situation when you have to connect your app to Facebook. In order to expedite the development process, your developers will be required to use a Facebook SDK.


Applications can link with just about any third-party applications or services using APIs. For instance, you can leverage Google APIs to find your customers, assist them in finding nearby locations to go to or make a map link within your app.

Understanding of Android Studio

An indispensable IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Android Studio supports a wide range of Android SDKs.

Using Databases

Your app has to communicate with a database located beyond the mobile because it manages a lot of data. These days, Firebase is app developers’ preferred cloud storage and device accessibility solution. If consumers require the option to access the program offline, developers should be familiar with working with a SQL database.

Expertise in SDLC and Business Processes

Developers must grasp the motivation behind their corporate decisions. They will be better able to identify key features, organize the design process, and produce a mobile app solution that completely satisfies corporate needs.

Fundamentals About Material Design

Google didn’t initially keep all of its apps’ designs uniform as Apple did. Google has revealed a set of design principles referred to as Material Design. It serves as the foundation for UI/UX design.

Not everybody understands the technical know-how necessary to create, assemble, and debug Android applications. Usually, to do that, you’ll have to hire Android developer. For entrepreneurs, finding and recruiting developers could be a major difficulty.

Tips Will Help You to Hire Dedicated Android App Developers

Step 1 – Compile a Technical Explanation of Your Project

Compile your business needs and objectives into a file so it’ll be easier for you to share your concept with prospective app developers.

Step 2 – Select the Best Model

There are various options on how to create your application. The best mobile app company can be outsourced, or you can employ an internal team. The most expensive route to build your app is to hire Android developers. The majority of entrepreneurs choose to outsource because of this. You may access a larger talent pool of app developers through outsourcing, which also enables you to build your app more quickly and affordably.

Step 3 – Conduct Interviews

Once you’ve shortlisted your prospects, conducting interviews and evaluating reviews and portfolios should be your next step. The most effective method for evaluating a potential outsourcing partner is obtaining client feedback.

Step 4 – Finalize and Sign the Contract

Discuss every aspect of your app development project, establish deadlines, decide on the frequency and structure of your weekly or daily discussions, and request preliminary project estimations. Don’t forget to talk about security concerns and sign Non – disclosure agreements.

Benefits of the Best Android App Development Company

An Android app development company is the best talent pool available to you at freelance terms. Meaning you don’t need to hire an in-house app development team and go through the requirements of paid leaves, sick leaves, insurance, and other such benefits company employees require. You get access to top-notch talent by collaborating with Android app development companies without the added expense of hiring in-house. There are also several other benefits:

  • It’s more effective and time-saving to work with an experienced app development business. Since a developer’s role in such a firm is to create apps, they will focus all of their time and effort on creating successful applications. Undoubtedly, a reputed app design and development company provides high-caliber work with on-time product deliverables. In comparison, an internal IT staff and a freelance mobile app developer handle multiple projects at once and are, therefore, not fully committed to any one project.
  • A reputable Android app development company provides its customers with round-the-clock services and support. One can readily post their inquiries at any time and from any place. A competent app development firm will always be ready to offer the best assistance should you have any concerns regarding the product or service or want any feature or update improvements.
  • An additional advantage of working with the best Android app development company is having access to a pool of technical professionals and reliable resources. The group of professionals has the knowledge and expertise required to develop and design a brand-new mobile phone app. A mobile app development company will hire seasoned app developers to handle the job, whether it involves creating an iOS or Android app.
  • A good Android app development company will provide you with a variety of project tracking tools so you can conveniently monitor the status of the job. In addition to assisting customers with project management, the tracking tool guarantees a productive workflow.

In Conclusion

When it comes to android app development, you have to make sure it helps reflect your brand image perfectly and assist your clients in the best, most convenient way possible.

With the help of this guide, it will be easier for you to hire dedicated developers to help take your business to another level.

Contact us now to find out the cost to hire android developers and work with the best Android app development company for the success of your business.

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