How to Hire Android App Developer in 2022

With the Generation, we also become updated. And our Android app is not excluded from this process. Its development always takes the first place in the market of Development. According to Statista, the Android market OS share will become 87.4% by 2023. They told it after the recent research. So it becomes clear when you have the Android apps you can get more reach.

The general worldwide mobile app sales reached $462bn in 2019 and it’s expected to generate up to $936bn via means of 2023. That sounds impressive, doesn’t it? But now no longer each app can emerge as fulfillment and generate sales. In fact, the simplest 1 from 10K mobile apps continue to exist due to the fact there are too many apps on the market, apps are expensive, etc.

So it will be helpful for you when you Hire the best-dedicated android developer. They can help you in creating many successful apps. These apps can act as the crowd and generate a pretty penny. So to help you we will discuss a guide to hire the best-dedicated android developer for your app development project in 2022.

The Important skills to Which you should  pay attention while you are looking for Android developers:

It is too important for a Developer to know many skills when it comes to developing an android app. So here we will discuss the skills that you should pay attention to while Hire the best-dedicated android developer:

  • Knowledge of programming languages:

Java and Kotlin are the main programming languages used for growing Android packages. Developers want to be acquainted with the middle standards of those programming languages, which include syntax and basics, frameworks, multithreading and concurrency, purposeful programming, and generics.

  • Android SDK or Software Development Kit:

This is a pre-packed set of code that allows broadening Android mobile packages plenty faster. Android SDKs are a must-have matter for all Android builders. For example, say you want to combine your app with Facebook. Your builders are going to want to apply an SDK from Facebook to hurry up improvement strategies on the way to do so.

  • Knowledge of Android Studio

Android Studio is a must-have IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that gives guidance to a considerable array of Android SDKs.

  • Use of databases

Your app handles huge quantities of statistics and desires to engage with a database residing out of doors of the smartphone. Nowadays, app builders select the usage of Firebase to save statistics withinside the cloud and make it on hand throughout devices. Developers need to understand a way to paintings with an SQLite database in case your customers want to apply the app offline.

  • Basics of Material Design

Unlike Apple, Google did not at the beginning preserve regular layouts throughout apps. Recently, Google has launched a hard and fast layout of suggestions called Material Design. It’s used as a basis for UI/ UX layout.

  • Understanding of enterprise strategies and SDLC

Developers want to recognize the good judgment in the back of your enterprise decisions. It’ll assist them to understand essential features, plan the improvement process, and supply a mobile app answer that meets enterprise requirements.

The Important tech stack that you have to choose for your Android app:

The right mobile tech stack is a critical factor in the improvement process. And in terms of Android app improvement, there may be lengthy and now and again pretty heated discussions on which approach, era, or framework is higher on your project.

Also, you want to determine in case you want a local app or a cross-platform app solution. The rate on your Android app closely relies upon the complexity of the app, some of the functions, and design, however in maximum cases, it doesn’t rely upon the programming language you’re using.

Before searching out Android builders, you need to parent out what competencies and revel in your builders need to have. You want to offer an in-depth process description to locate the proper ones on your project.

In short, the tech stack is a fixed set of necessities, specifics, and technologies. The proper aggregate of gear and necessities lets in the improvement of top-notch mobile software for Android users. Choosing the proper tech stack is an undertaking for the full-size majority of enterprise owners.

Here’s a shortlist of improvement elements you want to leaf through earlier than beginning your app improvement project:

  • Consider your necessities and enterprise needs
  • Specify the primary goal of your app and pick a monetization model
  • Determine the kind of collaboration
  • Think approximately app security
  • Specify integrations and compatibility

So How can you find and Hire the best-dedicated android developer?

Here is a useful guide on how to Hire the best-dedicated android developers for your project:

Step 1 – Try to Prepare a technological description for your project:

Gather all of the duties and enterprise necessities in a single report. While searching out app builders, you may without problems percentage the report with them.

Step 2 – Choose the maximum appropriate model:

There are numerous approaches to get your app developed. You can rent an in-residence app improvement group or outsource mobile app improvement services. Hiring in-residence app builders is the maximum steeply-priced manner to get your app developed. For this reason, maximum enterprise proprietors pick to outsource. Outsourcing offers entry to a higher expertise pool of builders and lets you increase your app quickly without breaking the bank.

Step 3 – Carry out technical interviews:

You ought to shortlist your builders or outsourcing companions via means of sporting out technical interviews and checking portfolios and opinions. Sometimes patron opinions are the first-class manner to assess your potential outsourcing partner.

Step 4 – Finalize the settlement and signal the contract:

Discuss all of the problems associated with your app improvement project, set time frames, negotiate the time and layout of your every day or weekly meetings, and ask for initial estimates of your project. Don’t overlook signal NDAs and speak protection problems.


It is not easy to Hire the best-dedicated android developers. So for you here we have discussed a simple guide. It can help you a lot to Hire the best-dedicated android developers. So go for it and get the best benefits.



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