How do you add a link to your TikTok Biography 

TikTok links in your bio provide an enormous opportunity for brands and creators to increase users to their apps.

It was only available to a select few, all users can now include a link in their TikTok bio. To do this, you require an account with a Business profile.

We’ll explain how you can include a hyperlink to your TikTok bio and also buymalaysianfollowers ways to improve the quality of your bio to attract as many clicks as well as conversions as is possible.

How to Add a Link to your TikTok Bio

Similar to Instagram, TikTok allows users to include a bolded linked clickable hyperlink to the profile.

And it’s easy to add a link in the bio of your profile, you need to do is set up or upgrade to an account with a Business profile.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Make the switch to the TikTok Business account by logging into your account settings and selecting “Manage account” and “Switch to Business Account.”

Step 2: Tap “Edit profile” and enter an URL into the field.

It’s that simple. Now you have a clickable link within the bio of your TikTok bio!

Did you know you can now plan the TikTok posting strategy in conjunction with your other social media channels in Later? When it’s time to publish you’ll receive a message with the caption and video ready to go! Sign me up

How to optimize your TikTok Link in your Bio to increase traffic to your Brand

The TikTok link in the bio is an enormous advantage for businesses and brands using TikTok. But, having only just one link may restrict your options.

That’s where Later’s brand new Linkin. bio in conjunction with the TikTok tool comes in.

Don’t put off this tool. Even big brands like Spotify have included the Later’s on their TikTok bios:

Introduce Linkin. bio for TikTok by Later

Because TikTok offers only one URL that you can click on within your profile, it’s crucial that you optimize your profile as high as you can. for TikTok transforms the TikTok feed into a mobile-friendly, clickable landing page, allowing you to add a unique hyperlink to every one of your planned videos.

This means that you could drive visitors to your site to increase your email newsletters or course registrations, or promote a particular product launch The possibilities are limitless!

The Linkin. bio feed will be automatically updated whenever you create a new video that you publish on TikTok and saves your work and time of manually updating your links. It’s an all-win situation.

What is the effect of Later’s Linkin? bio to TikTok Work?

Are you ready to begin making use of Linkin? bio to your TikTok? Here’s how:

Step 1: Join your TikTok Account Later. Sign up (or login) for Later on your desktop, then select “Add Social Profile”. Choose TikTok and then connect your account.

Step 2: Set up your Linkin. In the bio on TikTok.

In the Later web application, click “Linkin. bio” on the left side of the navigation screen. After that, choose TikTok from the drop-down menu and then tap “Get Started”.

To include the Linkin. bio on your TikTok profile Copy your unique link into your clipboard, then open TikTok on your mobile.

Click “Edit profile” and paste the URL into the web field.

Please note that only TikTok Business accounts have access to the web-based field.

Step 3: Then step is to upload the TikTok footage to the Media Library.

Step 4: Drag and drop your videos from the Media Library to the Calendar.

Step 5: You can insert the caption as well as hashtags. You can select “Edit” to resize and reduce the size of your video to match the dimensions of the TikTok video app.

TIP: TikTok hashtags are an effective growth hack. To ensure that you’re using hashtags, you can use Later’s Saved Captions tool to save them in an easily accessible location.

Step 6: Include the URL you’d like your blog post for it to be linked from in the Linkin. biofield. That’s it!

If your video has been scheduled and is set to go live, you’ll get an email Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia notification on your mobile The video then is downloaded to the device, and the caption will be saved onto your clipboard.

Before sharing you can make any other edits and effects using your TikTok editor. After the video is published the Linkin. bio feed will display your latest video, with an updated clickable link.

So there you go You now own a miniature clickable website within the profile of your TikTok profile.


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