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How To Boost Your Digital Marketing Agency’s Growth

1. Use online directories to boost your web presence.

Getting listed in as many web directories as possible is one of the most underutilised methods. Potential clients can locate you in web directories even if you don’t do anything. It may be more cost-effective than advertisements.

There are a couple of options. To begin, you should be listed on broad, widely used directories such as Google and Yelp.

It’s best to concentrate on web directories that are unique to your industry, such as marketing agency directories.

The majority of visitors, for example, come to the Digital Agency Network in quest of the best digital agency. As a result, if you join one of these organisations, your chances of being found online will improve.

2. Create a lead magnet for your business.

To start a prospect’s journey, your agency needs a lead magnet like an eBook, cheat sheet, templates, white paper, tool, and so on.

Because the vast majority of your site visitors will not convert to leads until you give them a compelling reason, it’s critical to build and implement a lead magnet.

Use any valuable lead magnet to collect their business contact information, then nurture them until they’re ready to commit to your agency.

WordStream’s lead magnet is a free PPC analysing tool.

Is your digital marketing firm utilising a lead magnet correctly? An eBook is used by King Kong, an Australian digital marketing agency, to pique interest and follow up with potential clients. More lead generation tactics for digital agencies can be found on our blog.

3. Create case studies from your happy customers.

Do you do this on a regular basis?

Your profitable clientele are a gold mine for your digital marketing firm’s expansion. It’s fine to be ecstatic about the outcomes you helped them achieve, but don’t stop there.

One of the most important items on your agency’s website is client case studies. Create a separate page to highlight all of these case studies and customer testimonials as much as possible.

Case studies are powerful tools for generating leads, according to 62.6 percent of respondents in an eMarketer survey.

OneIMS, a digital marketing agency, showcases its client case studies on a dedicated page that is tailored to attract new clients and organisations.

4. Act as your own client and promote your marketing firm.

This growth plan may appear counterintuitive, but if executed correctly, it may be extremely effective. Clients understand that the greatest method to assess your knowledge is to look at your outcomes. It isn’t because of your ‘promises.’

When you become your own customer, it indicates that you are self-motivated and willing to achieve outcomes for ‘you.’ You’ll also be able to market your company (just as you would if you were recruited by another company).

To be honest, you can utilise the outcomes you achieved (perhaps a higher organic search ranking for your agency website) as proof to attract new clients. The case is now closed.

For example, Neil Patel assists firms with content marketing. He uses content marketing to establish his internet brand, which is interesting.

5. Make Project Management Processes Easier

When potential clients initially contact your firm, they want to know how straightforward your procedures are.

If it’s complicated and intimidating, they’ll be disappointed since they’ll assume you won’t help them expand their company.

Make sure your templates, reports, strategy, tools, and team are all relatable to your target audience. Clients come to you because they are facing a problem with their business. Don’t make it more difficult.

6. Prioritize Your Keywords

If your digital marketing agency focuses on SEO, this is critical. How do you persuade businesses that your firm can help them increase their Google search rankings?

It’s done by displaying your agency’s position in organic search results.

Try ranking for a less competitive word like “digital marketing company Chicago” if you can’t rank for “digital marketing agency” since it’s too competitive.

7- Participate in virtual events

There are many alternative ways to work and find new clients as a result of the digital shift in recent years. Virtual events, as we’ve seen, are becoming more popular as a tool for marketers and agencies. Because the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses and trends all across the world. The physical presence of digital agencies was incredibly significant to companies and brands prior to the internet. Companies are now more willing to work with digital agencies from other countries. The only thing clients need to believe is the agency’ related sector experience, therefore virtual events are clearly more important than before.

Your firm can earn a lot of benefits by attending virtual events. You can, for example, assist in the development of your employee’s skills while also drastically lowering agency costs. Furthermore, virtual events are far less expensive than live ones. Virtual gatherings can help you build your network while also saving time.

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