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How Much Does it Cost to Build a House Dallas | Buying vs. Building

Building a house is a dream of every adult! No matter whether it is a man or a woman, having a personal house is something everyone wants. And, rightfully so! The burgeoning costs of rent, the urgency to evacuate them on notice and the limitations in design renovations all come together and force one to get a house of their own.

However, buying a house or building one of your own in today’s time is not a joke. The construction prices are sky-rocketed and the final cost sends chills down the spine.

This is especially true if you live in urban areas! If you reside somewhere in Dallas and dream of having your own home, you must be wondering How Much Does it Cost to Build a House Dallas?. 


Finding The Answers! 

Well, the answer to this question is not simple! The amount of money that you need to have in order to build a house of your own depends on a number of factors. For instance: 


Cost Of Designing The House 


You can only get your home built for yourself when you have a compact design in the head. Once translated on paper, this design turns out to be a reality for you and you pay for its construction. The architecture designing your home also has a separate fee.  

This fee depends on how extensive you want your home to be. For instance, if you want a high-end house with greater sophistication and elegance, the designer will take his due time in crafting it. Hence, he would take a lot in return. Comparatively, a cost-efficient home would need just the basic requirements and this would be done in a minimal remuneration.  


Cost Of Buying The Land 

 The location of your new house 

The locality where you decide to build your house decides the cost you will have to pay for it. The high-end localities that are luxurious will be a lot pricier than those that are still in their developmental phase. Alongside this, a commercial area with a lot of restaurants, salons, shopping malls, and schools nearby will require you to pay a high amount for acquiring that land. The cost of the former land is somewhere around $200,000, while the latter comes within the range of $60,000 to $150,000. 

 Permit costs 

Having the land that you need to buy comes with extensive protocols. You just can’t simply select the land of your choice and buy it. Rather, you would need proper permits and permissions to bring it to your possession. 

 Each step that you go for would require you to pay some amount of money. These payments also depend on the site where your land is. It can vary from $400 and $4,000. The local regulations also, at times, may increase or decrease this cost. 

The master permit fee, especially for Dallas, starts from 100$. From here on, 50$ keeps adding on for every square foot that is made a part of the land.  

 Once you have bought the land for your new house, the further processes start. 

Cost of building on the land 


The foundation cost 

When the foundation work starts for your new house is when the actual process of building a new home starts. This is also the most difficult step and may require you to pay a hefty amount. Depending upon the size of your house, it may range somewhere between 4000$ to 20000$.  

The type of foundation also decides the amount of cash you need to use for it. For instance, if you put up a concrete foundation, it is likely to cost you a lot more than a simple slab.  

 The roofing cost 

Just like the foundation, the roofing of your house is also a major cost that you need to tolerate in the process of building a home! This cost is, however, contingent on the type of material you want to use as your roof.  

A simple roof with no complications is worth 70000$ more or less. If you go towards advanced options like slate, asphalt, wood, metal, or tile, you will have to pay more.  

The wood and tile roofing would be the most expensive ones and the laborer will take some time in getting them ready.  

 Cost of material 

Everything that you get done in the house through the laborer will require some material to be utilized. Buying this material will furthermore add to your overall building cost. Depending on whether you want an economy house, a standard one, or a highly customized one, the cost of material would change! 

 The finishing cost 

The finishing of your house will take up to 25% of your total home construction cost. Finishing comes with a number of tasks, which, if skipped, cause a lot of deterioration of the building. 

Both the interior and exterior finishing are mandatory. Skipping them will give a very raw and unfinished appearance to your home.  

Finishing tasks include adding lights, shutters, blinds, and windows wherever they are needed. Apart from these, all the kitchen and bathroom fittings are also a part of the finishing tasks. 

For advanced activities like installing a solar panel or making the home smart, extra funds would be required.  

The drive-way and landscaping cost 

If you have enough area left on your land, you need to build a driveway. This driveway will welcome the vehicles of your guests and would let yours have a safe path to tread on. The cost of this driveway depends on the kind of design you opt for.  

The modern, concrete, block paving, and gravel driveways will come with their costs and needs. Alongside this, the kind of landscaping you require also decides the amount of money you will pay to get it.  


Before you set out to build a house of your own in Dallas, you need to plan extensively. This would require you to do realistic budgeting, which would further ensure that you have enough funds allocated for every need that would arise during getting your house made.

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