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How do you clean a pillow that has turned yellow?

All the tricks to whiten a yellowed pillow

Even protected by a pillowcase, a pillow ends up displaying frankly unappealing yellow stains. In question, the bodily fluids that end up crossing the pillowcase, starting with perspiration. Good news, to clean a pillow that has turned yellow, all you have to do is choose the right method. Jojo Body Pillow by well-known designers from throughout the world is available for purchase. We provide free worldwide delivery on the finest and strongest JoJo body pillows.


  • Clean a pillow that has yellowed, the principle
  • A Clean yellowed pillow with soda crystals and bleach
  • Clean a pillow that has turned yellow with baking soda and white vinegar
  • A Clean pillow that has turned yellow with lemon juice
  • Clean a yellowed pillow with hydrogen peroxide
  • The Clean pillow that has yellowed, the principle

To restore its whiteness to a pillow, bleaching agents needed. There are several, which can be used either in a soaking bath, in a basin or a bathtub, before going through the washing machine on the hottest cycle, ideally 90°, with the usual detergent; or added directly to the water in the machine, provided that it can be opened during the cycle to dilute the products in the water before adding the pillows. Soaking is considerably simpler. In this case, a night of bathing is provided for two pillows, the ideal weight to balance the washing machine without overloading it. Drying outdoors and in the sun is ideal for boosting the whitening effect and sanitizing on the way, but the dryer works just as well in winter.

Boredom? Some pillows can’t be handled in the machine. This is particularly the case with certain pillows with synthetic filling and in particular shape-memory pillows. However, without washing at a high temperature, you can always try soaking, but it may not be enough to make the yellow spots disappear. For the record, the lifespan of a pillow is two or three years on average, up to ten for well-maintained quality feather fillings. Beyond that, it is better to change them than to persist in bleaching them!. Official Jojo Merch, Jojo Bizarre Adventure Merchandise, and Jojo Bizarre Adventure Merchandise with free international delivery

Clean a yellowed pillow with soda crystals and bleach

It is the most effective mixture, but also the most powerful. Beware of projections and make way for gloves, therefore! Mix one cup of bleach, one cup of washing soda and one cup of washing powder in a large pot of hot water and soak overnight. The next day, machine wash. For use directly in the machine, dilute the products one after the other, after the start of the cycle, then add the pillows to the drum.

Clean a pillow that has turned yellow with baking soda and white vinegar

Champions of ecological cleaning, baking soda and white vinegar are less powerful, but gentler on textiles, hands and the environment. They even have a refreshing and softening effect on the laundry! Use them exactly the same way with a half and half mixture: a cup of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda, for a 1-hour soaking bath or directly in the machine. Be careful, the mixture foams.

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A Clean pillow that has turned yellow with lemon juice

Naturally whitening, lemon juice is disinfectant, economical, ecological, easy to find and as a bonus, pleasantly perfumes pillows. To de-yellow them, simply squeeze the juice of two lemons directly into the washing machine, in addition to the detergent. The second option, prepare a soaking bath for 1 hour with about ten squeezed lemons and boiling water, then the machine washes with your usual detergent and lets dry in the sun, which further boosts the whitening effect of the lemon.

Clean a yellowed pillow with hydrogen peroxide

To whiten a much-yellowed pillow, lemon juice should be supplemented with hydrogen peroxide. Count twice the amount of hydrogen peroxide compared to the amount of lemon juice and pour into the washing machine on a very hot cycle, or into a large quantity of boiling water for soaking for 1 hour before washing in the machine.


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