Healthcare Billing | Making The Transition To Using Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Healthcare Billing

The use of electronic medical records in the United States is on the rise, and it’s for good reasons. Electronic records enable you to access patient files remotely and share information with other doctors who care for your patients. Top healthcare billing greatly improves efficiency in your office, as well as patient outcomes. Electronic records have received strong bipartisan support for these reasons. There are still pitfalls to be aware of, especially when you move your office to electronic medical records. The paper charting method has caused anxiety in doctor’s offices due to the fact that the retriever searches are done with one method and the indexer codes with another. It is important to be proactive in setting up your electronic system. This will make the transition easier for both you and your staff. Here are some suggestions for how to do that.

Healthcare Billing

Healthcare Billing
Healthcare Billing | Making The Transition To Using Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

To accommodate both receivers and indexers, create a standard storage procedure.

To convert paper charts to electronic versions, use OCR and auto indexing barcodes. Automated steps reduce the time required to index each chart and provide multiple options for indexing that can be used in future retrieval. These automated cues tend to have fewer errors, which will reduce the pressure on the indexer. Allow as many index inputs as possible and ensure that the data storage is organized in a way that suits the retriever.

This includes both the indexer and the retriever. They will be able to draw on their experience with previous coding systems and provide valuable insight when designing a system that works for you. They will be able to work together on the customization of the system and maintain their professional autonomy while still meeting practice-wide goals. 

Your staff should be trained.

The main problem with electronic systems is their complexity and incomprehensibility. You can avoid this problem by finding a system that suits your office and then training your staff to use it. This will make your employees feel more comfortable and enable them to communicate with patients faster and more accurately during their examinations.

Although staff training can be more expensive upfront, it will pay off in the long-term. It will ensure that your staff are happy. People are resistant to change, so it is important that you take the time to teach them the new system. This will show them that you care about their work, not just imposing another procedure on them.

Be as paperless and eco-friendly as possible.

There are fewer pages to convert, which means less work. Medical professionals can now use their netbooks and tablets to input information while they are assisting patients. You can do the same by placing desktop computers inside exam rooms. This will not only eliminate mistakes caused by difficulty reading handwriting, but it also reduces the risk of HIPAA violations due to weakly secured paper files. Caveat Emptor: Discuss with your legal team what documents must be kept in paper form.

In case of an emergency, keep paper sources that correspond to your new system.

Despite the efficiency and productivity gains, electronic systems can sometimes crash. Your office should be prepared by making sure your staff has paper charts that are as close to the electronic charts as possible. Also, make sure they know the paper charts. Your office will still function after the system is restored online by doing this. A record conversion system that is efficient will make the post-crash filing and conversion process much easier than it was in the past.

It can be nerve-wracking to introduce your staff to a new system of records. It is important to communicate clearly with your staff and take the time to examine how you handle patients’ medical information. This will help to make your practice more efficient.

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