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Healthcare App Development Guide – Features, Cost, Tech Stack

Applications have become an integral part of our lives and an integral part of businesses as well. These solutions have helped enterprises automate their operations, streamline their services, service their customers better, build strong visibility online, and draw more profits. Today as you may be aware, almost all major industries have an app to make industry get that desired visibility. This is followed, by aid in gaining a good customer base, automating its operations, and earning considerable revenues in the healthcare industry. The healthcare apps have also provided constant help to the industry to automate operations. This is followed by assisting doctors and practitioners in streamlining daily tasks. Finally, it has given way to patients get quick access to their health conditions.

Thus, all in all, embracing the healthcare app development services to build a solution that transforms the healthcare industry is a good idea. It would automate the operations and allow the industry to earn considerable profits.

So without further adieu, let us read the article to gain insight into the profitable nature of these solutions. This is followed, by an idea of the different healthcare app kinds. Next, follows the reasons for their popularity courtesy presence of some features. Upon reading all this, you will know why it is a good idea to include the app for a healthcare setup setting the base for the first time.

Profitable Nature of Healthcare Apps

  • The presence of healthcare apps will increase the revenues of the healthcare industry and make it 17.14 billion dollars by 2026.
  • By 2032, revenues for the healthcare on demand mobile apps will become 155.9 billion dollars.
  • The mHealth market will generate revenues of $236214.86 million by 2027.

Observing these numbers above, you can understand, that the app must have some unique features responsible for these revenues being so high after all.

In the lines below, I give you knowledge on the reasons for the popularity of these solutions soaring and their profits increase.

Reasons Why Healthcare Apps Have Become Popular

  • Helps medical professionals to detect health conditions in one go and prevent them.
  • Allows patients to keep track of their health and keep records of their past health conditions.
  • Booking appointments are easy to perform through the app.
  • Maintaining the database of patients is an automated process through the app.

These factors have been responsible for new healthcare setups building these solutions for their venture.

However, more often than usual, the development is not done smoothly. Hence, it demands adherence to some steps.

As you read the lines below, you will get an idea of some steps that would allow the creation of an app that drives value for the healthcare industry.

Steps to Follow during Healthcare App Development

Know the Different Healthcare App Types

Before embracing healthcare app development services or connecting with a healthcare app development company, remember two main healthcare app types, apps for healthcare professionals and patients. The same has multiple subcategories.

For Doctors

  • Medical billing app
  • Medical database app
  • Clinical app
  • Medical record app

For Patients

  • Fitness apps
  • Appointment scheduling apps
  • Diet and nutrition apps
  • Lifestyle apps

Knowledge of these healthcare apps is important. This will help you, as a budding healthcare business owner, you can define the kind of app you wish to build and the purpose it will serve the customers (patients).

Look at the image below to gain insight into the other steps during healthcare app development.

health app development

Image source:

Through the image, you can gain insight into the different steps that make the healthcare app extremely useful and ensure that the medical professionals and patients can provide and receive health updates to and from each other.

Hence, after you know the app types, it is relevant to conduct market research to understand the viability of your app idea and know if your app would be successful in the long run.

Identify & Assess the Features You Want to Include in the App

Important features allow different segments like the healthcare business, the doctor, and the patient to seamlessly operate the app and deliver and receive healthcare services to and from one another.

Gain insight into the features you should consider including for all these segments.

Features to Include in Patient App

  • Book appointment
  • Telemedicine
  • ePrescription
  • Pill reminder
  • EHR
  • One-click ambulance
  • Hospital way finding app
  • In-app consultations through video calls and texts

Features to Include in Doctor App

  • Doctor’s profile
  • Schedule management
  • Patient dashboard
  • Decision support system
  • ePrescription

Admin Panel Features

  • Patient management
  • Doctor management
  • Hospital management
  • Reports and analytic
  • Inventory management

With these features in place, all these segments can operate the app with considerable ease and allow seamless transmission of medical services to and from one another.

Use Tech Stack and UI that Makes App Easy to Operate

An appropriate tech stack and intuitive UI allow the app to function. This is something that needs to be focused on, especially when you develop a healthcare app. Therefore, include payment integration, and use CMS and reporting tools to allow seamless data interaction.

Other than these items, use third-party integrations like Box API so that it becomes easy to store critical documents, followed by Doximity API to ensure a connection with the doctor virtually.

Finally, use UX/UI that ensures the app keeps patients engaged and allows them to book healthcare services seamlessly.

After all these steps, it is important to evaluate the healthcare app development cost or the overall cost that you need to incur when you build a healthcare app.

Let us understand in the lines below the overall budget you need to allocate for this task.

Cost to build a healthcare app

After you have decided on the features, tech stack, etc., the next crucial area to examine is the cost.

Based on countries – In the United States, it will cost about $150-250 per hour, in Europe, it will cost you $80-150 per hour. In India, you would pay $20-50 per hour.

Hence, the overall cost for basic healthcare app development is on average $15,000– $25,000 and might go higher depending on the features and functionality you want to include in your application.

Wrapping Up

Healthcare apps have a promising future for the healthcare industry. They ensure the different segments, like doctors and patients, deliver and receive healthcare services to and from each other. It demands adhering to some steps during the development stage to save on costs. Thus, connect with a trusted healthcare app development company to keep finances intact, ensure seamless healthcare services to and from each other, and ensure that you obtain maximum ROI.

Anita Shah

I am a project coordinator at XongoLab Technologies, a reputed mobile app development company. I love to write informative articles and share my knowledge through content marketing.

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