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Hard Window Coverings. Everything You Need To Know.

Window coverings have a basic and standard categorizing method, which is materials and fabrics based.

Soft and hard. If you are only aware of these terms you will surely be able to find one for you easily without getting headaches.

These terms didn’t just about the types of their manufacturing but also give you an understanding of the purposes of these window blinds.

Knowing the purpose of a specific window covering makes one able to figure out if it syncs with their interior or not.

We here are hard coverings oriented but we still provide some touch of soft window coverings because that’s how you’ll be able to understand hard window coverings like window blinds much better.

So firstly, what are soft coverings?. By the name, they are soft and made from soft materials or fabrics.

They can be heavy but are still categorized as soft because the materials or fabrics they are based on are soft. They are like curtains, drapes, shades, and a few types of window blinds also.

Now head to the main purpose of this talk. So, what are hard window coverings?

Again, by the name, they are hard because they are made from hard materials. Hard coverings are more than just solutions for décor they are a bit on the next level as compared to soft coverings.

Because generally, soft window coverings are likely only for décor purposes.

As the name suggests, they are hard. Their hard nature makes them superior. Makes them serve not just as décor but also to solve some of the messy issues. Hard window coverings are only materials based.

They are not fabric based even if the fabric is thick and heavy like in curtains and drapes.

Hard window coverings can be made from natural and also from synthetic materials. It is recommended to opt for natural ones because the class and finishing.

They are able to provide are unmatched by them any synthetic-based window covering.

But still, synthetic-based window coverings are considerable and it is well noticed that these window coverings are somehow able to outclass the real ones in some specific conditions which we discuss later.

There are mainly two types of hard window coverings.

Window Blinds


We will briefly discuss them separately so you have a proper understanding, which makes you able to do the right selection.

Window Blinds

These window coverings are now one of the top-notch and hottest. There are a huge number of types, almost all are made from hard materials except a countable few.

People prefer mostly the hard ones. Because people like coping with some serious issues rather than just décor.


They are functional, their functionality is making them a more preferable covering as compared to other coverings like shades for example.

Window blinds have slats, these slats are functionalized through cords, strings, or chains to tilt and position on a desire.

This tilted functionality makes them a highly considerable option for privacy and light management.

The slats can be horizontal and also be vertical, there are lots of designs. The change in direction leads to different outcomes, keep this in mind.


Window blinds are one of the cheapest window coverings as compared to other coverings like shades and curtains for an instance.

But that’s the one side, ready-made window blinds are the cheapest that I am talking about, the custom-made window blinds are the most expensive option in today’s markets.


Window blinds are mainly made of wood and metal as these are their standard natural materials. For top popular mentions, wood blinds and metal Venetian blinds are the hottest of them all.

There are gems in the window coverings world. The class and sleekness that they are able to provide are unmatched by any synthetic-based window blinds.

For wood, we have the best and by far only good alternative, faux wood. Faux wood is made of synthetic materials like PVC and vinyl.

There is no way faux wood catches up with real wood but in some places where is moisture and humidity real wood is outclassed by faux wood because faux wood is waterproof, almost every synthetic material used in window blinds is waterproof.


If you want to add some class and value to your place, consider shutters they are best in this regard. There is nothing much to say about this classy window covering because it is so simple but one of the most impactful window coverings, for sure.


They have the simplest design, it is pretty much the same as window blinds but trust me it is more functional and impactful and also sleeker than window shutters.

Why they are more functional than window blinds when they have quite the same design. The reason for this is also pretty simple.

Window blinds have slats that are operated by cords or some other like chains, the cord is attached to each slat so when the cord is pulled all the slats tilt. For short they are not independent.

In window shutters, there are louvers that can also be tilted and positioned on a desire but each louver is independent and also there are no cords at all, much safer than window blinds with cords.

Shutters can be operated by hand and this is very easy you didn’t need muscles for that.

This independent movement of louvers leads to much more supreme privacy and light control.

Also, the fact they are hard like window blinds, makes them an ideal option for blackouts. You will hardly find any good alternative to them regarding blackout.

Now, I think you probably have a nice understanding of hard coverings. If not, do explore some other content and it is recommended to have a consult with a professional.

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