Golden Retriever Diet Chart From Newborn To Adult

Written by Susmita Das

If you are looking for the best friendly animal for your family then you should think about the golden retriever. One of the most popular house pets is the Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever is loved by everyone for its friendly nature. The golden retriever is very easy to care for.

golden retriever diet

As a Golden Retriever owner & trainer, hereby, I’ll share some breed information about Golden Retrievers

Generally, Golden Retriever is a medium-large sized dog breed, and has an attractive appearance. Golden retrievers are very intelligent. They love their owner very much and take care of the owner’s house. They will obey your orders willingly and with ideals. Golden Retrievers can get along well with everyone and can easily blend in with any family member. Not harmful to children but loves children and plays with them. Golden retrievers have a great sense of smell and are used as protection dogs.

Golden retriever range in height from 54 to 62 cm. Their weight is 25 to 34 kilograms. They can live up to 10 to 12 years. It’s quite easy nowadays to have a golden retriever puppy, and if you’re willing to have one, visit our page to know golden retriever price in Kolkata.

General Diet Chart For Golden Retriever

As a responsible puppy parent, you must follow a healthy diet to keep them active & healthy. Golden retrievers should be treated like a child as a member of the house. They need to be cared for, fed from time to time and maintained well.

Diet chart for newborn to 30 days puppy:

Breast milk is the best option for newborns. Mother’s milk is the most nutritious and best for newborn puppies. Newborn infants should be fed 25ml of their mother’s breast milk five to six times a day. If breastfeeding is not possible, use some supplements instead of Lacton, Re baby milk powder or sample by using warm water.

Diet chart for 20 days to 2 month puppy:

Boiled rice should be given along with mother’s milk from twenty days. Feed boiled masoor dal and dal water to golden retriever puppies. Boiled apples will be good along with this but remember to smash the boiled apples.

Diet chart for 2month to 3 month puppies:

5ml salmon oil should be mixed with the food that the puppy eats. Salmon oil is very beneficial for a puppy’s health. As the puppy grows, it needs to be gradually fed nutritious food or it will not grow properly and have good health. Green vegetables are very good for health so, provide them 100 to 200 grams of pumpkin per day with boiled rice will be ok.

Diet chart for 3month to 6 month puppy:

As the puppy grows, the amount of food needs to be increased so that it is available in the puppy food store. Start giving these puppy foods to your retriever puppies from the third month. You can give rice and green vegetables once at any time every day for the puppy’s growth.

Diet chart for a 6month to a 15-month puppy:

Puppy food two times daily with 10 ml salmon oil. Give some boiled egg for muscle growth. Along with that, give some boiled vegetables like – carrot, beans, peas, tomato etc.

Don’t skip boiled smash apple. You can add chicken or meat to their food.

Golden retrievers love to play. Golden retrievers love to swim. You’ll need to take them outdoors regularly to keep them healthy and alert. Anyway, staying indoors can cause them to become bored and unhealthy.

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Retrievers have hair all over their body so they need to be set with a shredder at times. So, you Keep them fresh with regular grooming. A good training is always very helpful to make a good bonding between you and your golden retriever puppy. And, if you’re still not owning any golden retriever’s heart, do find one for yourself. Hereby, you will know the golden retriever price in Kolkata.

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