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Exceptionally Unique Experience on A Summer Trip to Kerala

Kerala, the heart of the Southern region of India, is a popular tourist destination that continues to grow. It also elicits a passionate response from tourists and travelers who come to see it. Kerala people welcome summer like no other city, with a brilliant blue sky, a sip of delicate coconut water, and dazzling summer sun. A summer trip to Kerala offers a great experience, scenic landscapes, pleasant weather, various festivals, and celebrations. In addition to the bright weather and summer mood, it also allows you to try mouth-watering delicacies. If you are planning a honeymoon trip to Kerala during summer, you can opt for Kochi Honeymoon Package offered by Lock Your Trip to have a great experience.

The location is a must-see for everyone, at least once in their lives, due to an astonishing and unique natural phenomenon in which water from the Arabian Sea enters the shallow creeks of the backwaters, generating its labyrinthine water channels, lagoons, and lakes. People want to get away from their boring jobs and relax in the evening light, whether it’s for getaways or weekend trips. We have the greatest list for you whether you are planning a vacation or a short trip to Kerala in the summer. Here we have compiled a list of the ten greatest places to visit in Kerala during the summer season. 


The hill stations are perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about visiting Kerala during the summer. Hill stations always have a colder climate than beaches and airports due to their high altitudes. Obviously, you’d prefer to stay somewhere comfy and enjoyable that won’t make your vacation tough. Munnar is Kerala’s most attractive and well-visited hill station. The lush green carpet of tea plantations that cover the Munnar hills adds to the highlands’ splendor. Munnar is a wonderful honeymoon resort because of its low flying clouds and beautiful slopes.

There are various resorts available here and the entire location is extremely tourist-friendly, providing you with a number of varieties of delicious food and comfortable lodging options. Munnar is probably the coolest place for planning a summer trip to Kerala and surely, most of your trip time is going to be spent in Munnar.


The Kovalam beach is one of the most beautiful spots in Kerala. The vast expanse of white sands is punctuated only by random bleached driftwood and coconut shells. Whether you are a solitary traveler on a budget or searching for the ultimate in elegance, this isolated, beautiful beach has something for you. You may go diving or snorkeling among beautiful artificial reefs, eat mouth-watering seafood, and mingle with the friendly locals.


It is one of the unspoiled hill stations in Kerala as it retains its pristine environment like it. Nelliyampathy is blessed with natural beauty such as its cascades, wildlife sanctuaries, rolling hills, backwaters, and much more. It draws the attention of travelers from all across the world. Basically, it becomes quite challenging to have a stimulating experience when places are rushed with tourists. However, with lots of things to try and sites to explore to offer, It has become one of the best places to go for a summer trip to Kerala.


Kumarakom is located approx. 15 km away from Kottayam. Kumarakom, located in Kerala looks like a wonderland during the summer season. There are plenty of amazing attractions the location offers in summer. While exploring Kumarakom, you will get to see extensively spread magnificent backwaters surrounded by palm trees and lush green meadows. It is one of the greatest places to visit in Kerala during the summer.

Alleppey Backwaters

Alleppey backwaters are most likely the point of attraction that makes Kerala a one-of-a-kind destination popular with both Indian and foreign visitors. The breathtaking scenery surrounding the backwater creeks, the lush paddy fields and magnificent coconut palms that line the banks, and the intriguing life that surrounds the backwaters are unlike anything you will ever see in any other region of the country. It is a must-visit place for a summer trip to Kerala.

The nicest feature of the Kerala backwaters, and something you must do if you visit during the summer, is to rent a houseboat and cruise through them, all the way up to the center of the Vembanad Lake, the region’s freshwater lake. Summer is a fantastic time to expect affordable houseboat rental rates.

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Wayanad is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in Kerala. Despite the fact that it shares the same essence as other summer destinations in Kerala, Wayanad has a distinct personality. Wayanad, Kerala’s forest region, is a favorite among environment and wildlife enthusiasts, who flock here to see the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary.

Wayanad, a hilly region with rich green forests, is ideal for adventurers, who can go on treks here and hope to see tigers, elephants, or even leopards if they are lucky. The strange sensation of lush meadows soothing your legs, fluffy clouds fondling your face, cool breezes, and the overall atmosphere of this hideaway makes it an ideal summer trip to Kerala for nature lovers as well as adventurers.


It is almost disrespectful to visit Kerala and not go to Kovalam. This is Kerala’s most beautiful and popular beach destination. There are both private beaches for resorts and beaches where locals can explore, enjoy, bathe in the sea water, and return to Kovalam beach. You will have lots of options to choose from. However, staying at one of the nice beach resorts and not being bothered by the locals is a fantastic chance.


If you are a religious person who enjoys visiting temples, Guruvayoor in Kerala is a site you should not miss. Although the city is not a well-known tourist attraction, there is much to see and enjoy.

Now that you have learned about so many of vacation spots for a summer trip to Kerala, all you have to do is book your tickets, make your bookings, and begin packing. You can opt for Kochi Honeymoon Package offered by Lock Your Trip and have the most amazing and unforgettable experience. Wishing you a wonderful trip to Kerala!

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