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Different types of shawl:

There are few varieties available in shawls nowadays that you can wear, where ever and whenever you want. Custom knitting services say that as the bright days of summer give way to the cool evenings of July, the urge to layer up becomes more pressing. Layering with shawls is a simple and effective method of staying cool in the summer months. Crochet shawls for summer are available in a wide range of styles, weights, and levels of complexity. following are different kinds of shawls:

Going Ashore Shawl


It’s no secret that the breeze aboard can be chilling even on the hottest of days. As for the unexpected chill, you’ll surely need something to wrap around yourself! When it comes to warmth and breathability, the Merino/Nylon/Cashmere blend of the Going Ashore Shawl is just what you’re looking for—and of course, the nautical stripes are on point. Custom knitting services help you to get one for yourself.

Herbaceous Serape:

Clear, beautiful skies and a stroll in a park or botanical garden top my list of ideal summer days. An airy piece with sky-blue hues, the Herbaceous Shawl was created by Daniela Nii. The feminine lace on the top allows it to breathe, making it perfect for the hotter days of summer.

Cashmere Wrap

The Capital Shawl by Juliette Bezold is the ideal winter accessory. Its lacey piece is light enough to wear in the summer, yet it keeps you warm when the wind picks up. If you use yarn that changes in tone and hue, you will be able to replicate the color of your favorite garden flowers. The contrasting highlights really pop against the shawl’s lace pattern.

Monarch Shawl

The work of art known as the Monarch Shawl was designed by Kathryn White and is sure to steal the show. This shawl is a custom knitting service must-make and will allow you to have your very own set of lovely wings, perfect for flaunting around whether you are visiting a butterfly garden or just relaxing in the sun.

Summer breeze shawl:

The Summer Breeze Shawl was designed by Sharon Ball smith, who came up with the idea.

Lilies blooming in the backyard garden have inspired Sharon Ballsmith’s Summer Breeze Shawl knitting design. The rim of the shawl is designed like flower petals, making it ideal for the summer months because of its versatility.

There are a number of advantages that come along with donning a shawl for ladies.


It is well known that exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can be hazardous to one’s health. Especially if you are a woman, exposure to UV radiation can cause harm to your skin as well as your hair. You may protect your skin and hair from the elements by wrapping yourself in shawls and scarves.


It is good to wear a shawl for ladies as it saves the skin in the summer and warms your body in the winter season. Therefore, there are many different types of shawls available nowadays. Moreover, you can get custom knitting services for your shawl making and get what you desire to make.

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