DELL Inspiron 15 5585 Review

The Dell Inspiron series is a mid-range laptop category that has been around for years. Notebooks from this series are known primarily for their unimpressive design.

However, the Inspiron series has recently been redesigned and modernized.

It is clear that the Dell Inspiron 15 laptop belongs to the Inspiron family. Plus, it’s a versatile laptop for web browsing, productivity tasks, and casual gaming.

This laptop offers decent performance for a mid-range price. Speaking of its price, the Dell Inspiron 15 laptop starts at $622.97 at the time of publication.

After outlining what to expect from the Dell Inspiron 15 laptop, let’s dive into its features and specifications in depth.

Dell Inspiron 15 laptop design, dimensions and weight review

Dell has built the chassis of the Dell Inspiron 15 laptop from a combination of aluminum alloy and plastic. Given the notebook’s price range, you won’t get an all-metal chassis, but the brushed metal finish of the notebook adds a premium look.

Base of the Laptop

Dell designed the lid with a silver metallic finish, which gives the laptop a more expensive look than it actually is. In the center of the lid, you will find the dell logo in silver, which perfectly matches the rest of the lid.

Opening the laptop lid requires two hands due to the stiff hinges. However, when you open it, you will see a screen surrounded by narrow frames.

When you look at the base, you first find the power button, which also doubles as a fingerprint reader. The fingerprint sensor is responsive and makes logging into Windows easier than having to enter passwords.

Next, on the base of the laptop, you’ll find a chiclet-style keyboard – it’s a collection of black keys that are backlit. In addition, the keyboard is full-sized with a number pad and arrow keys.

The keys respond with a reasonable travel path and also with a control force of about 80g. Additionally, the keys create a pleasant tactile feedback when pressed, which makes typing hassle-free.

Below the keyboard you’ll find the touchpad, which has been awkwardly placed to the left of the keyboard instead of being centered. The touchpad has a matte finish and, like the keyboard, is made of plastic.

In addition, the touchpad uses Windows Precision Drivers, so the notebook supports gestures, swiping and tapping. However, the touchpad requires a lot of pressure to activate the click mechanism.

For laptop ports, Dell offers an impressive collection of ports. On the right side you will find a USB Type-A 2.0 port and an SD card reader.

Similarly, most of the ports are located on the left side – so on the left side of the laptop you’ll find the power connector and the optional USB Type-C port. In addition, you will find an HDMI connector, an Ethernet connector, two USB Type A ports and an audio jack.

Obviously, Dell Inspiron 15 laptop belongs to the Inspiron family. Moreover, it is a versatile laptop for web browsing, productivity tasks, and light gaming.

DELL Inspiron 15 5585 laptop offers decent performance at a mid-range price. Speaking of its price, you can check TechXMax for complete guide and price

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