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Chartered via Interview Pathway To Become A CPEng

Almost every engineer in this world dreams of becoming a CPEng in Australia. That’s why EA receives countless applications for Chartership.

So, if you are one of such Chartered status dreamers, then reading this article will be beneficial for you. It will familiarize you with a Chartership pathway, Chartered via Interview process.

Here, in this article, we will tell you about the whole process along with some relevant information. Therefore, read this article with your 100% attention.

What is the Chartered via Interview pathway to becoming a CPEng?

If having worked for 15 years or more in the engineering profession, then you can attain your Chartered status with Chartered via Interview process.

It is the best pathway for an experienced and senior engineer. This pathway minimizes the time commitment for you to become a Chartered Professional Engineer.

What are the application criteria?

  • A minimum of 15 years of post-graduate experience
  • The roles you had must include major responsibilities in leading projects or teams
  • Current membership grade of Fellow or Member

If you fulfill the below-given criteria:

  1. Give a detailed verified resume and the contact details of two referees for the verification of your qualifications through this document.
  2. The verified resume is in place of other proof. The evaluators must be able to see that you have met Chartered Stage 2 Competencies through the descriptions of the roles and activities. A company profile or similar is not enough.

What is a verified resume or CV?

A verified resume must include a statement to attest the claims on your resume are accurate and genuine. A statement to this effect signed off by the verifier is sufficient. Here, you need to know that the verifier can be anybody who knows your work.

How to become a CPEng with Chartered via Interview pathway:

The following is the application process for becoming a Chartered Engineer in Australia through this pathway:

  1. Mail charteredaltpathway@engineersaustralia.org.au. After that, request to use the Chartered via Interview pathway and attach your verified resume and completed self-assessment document.
  2. EA will review your verified resume. If it finds it acceptable, then it will provide you with access to the Chartered via Interview pathway with the online application system. On the other hand, if finding it unacceptable, it will advise you to go for other Chartered application options for you by mail.
  3. When you receive the alternate pathway approved notification, adhere to the prompts for enrolment. Here, you need to give your verified resume, payment and CPD Log.
  4. EA will contact you to fix a suitable time for your professional interview. This interview will be taken via a video platform like Skype. This interview will consume nearly an hour, and it will involve a wide discussion of your career as an engineer.
  5. After having a successful interview, you will get a mail notification. This notification will confirm your Chartered award and areas of practice. In the end, an official certificate will follow in the mail soon after.

Why you should hire Australia CPEng application experts:

The following are the compelling reasons for hiring CPEng application experts:

  • You will get a guarantee of a successful result. It is because the CPEng application experts will guide you on how to face the interview. Apart from that, they will also give you useful tips to hit the bull’s eye.
  • When you have some professional support behind you, then you will feel more confident. This way, proving your CPEng qualification will not be problematic for you.
  • Everything you do will be in a systematic way without deviating from the EA guidelines or rules. The reason is experts will be with you at every step. This way, EA will find you more serious and dedicated, which will increase your chances of a successful interview.

Some other tips for Engineers Australia Chartership interview:

The following are some other tips for Chartership (CPEng):

  1. Make it clear that you have completely understood the Chartered competencies. After that, read again the evidence that is presented to EA in your application to date.
  2. Make sure that you have clearly understood the Engineers Australia’s Code of Ethics and Ethical behaviour principles. Apart from that, you also need to be familiar with sustainability principles and the current engineering environment. Another thing you need to know is how it impacts you (like regulation, major changes to codes and legislation and OHS).
  3. Keep the objective of becoming a Chartered Professional Engineer in mind.
  4. Talk to those who have attained Chartership for some valuable hints and tips.
  5. It’s wise to anticipate questions that EA may ask you to know what your responses may be.
  6. Last but not least, be confident. This time, candidates tend to be nervous, but the only thing that can help you here is our confidence.



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