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Best Android App Development Tools You Should Utilize in 2022

Android is the world’s most popular operating system. Since 2011, it has been the best-selling mobile operating system on mobile devices worldwide, and by 2022, it will have more than three billion monthly active users. So, there is a huge demand for Android developers.

Unlike iOS and Blackberry, the Android platform is open-source, allowing you to create custom applications. However, collaborating with an Android app development company will benefit you if you want to avoid getting into these technical terms.

Such popularity is linked to the availability of tools, which is why you can pick from a wide range of programming tools available. My collection of essential and non-essential Android development tools will help you get started and remain on track with your projects.

Popular Android app development Tools in 2022

Android Studio:

Android Studio is the most popular tool among developers. It is an environment for Android application development that allows you to code, test, and debug your applications easily.

Google created this tool in 2003. This software claims to be more popular among developers globally than several other Android development tools.

Android Studio includes code editing, troubleshooting, and testing tools in a user-friendly interface. It is available for free download. It is supported by Google and a large community of Android developers.

Android Studio’s Features:

  • Gradle build assistance
  • Support for the Google cloud platform is built-in and ready to use.
  • App debugging with a quick emulator
  • Repository for Maven


Eclipse is a well-known tool for developing Android applications. It has long been the most popular official IDE for Android development.

It offers a different codebase environment and tools for customizing app development projects. Although Google no longer supports Eclipse, many developers still prefer it for Android development because it works well with a wide range of programming languages.

Eclipse is primarily used for writing Java applications using plugins from libraries. However, recent updates have enabled me to write code in C++, C#, ABAP, Python, Fortran, JavaScript, Scala, Ruby, and various other languages.

This tool has several powerful features that allow you to advance and optimize applications.

Eclipse Features:

  • Automatic error reporting
  • Module distribution
  • Profound development environment

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Unity 3D:

Unity 3D is a well-known Android development tool for creating high-quality games. The primary goal is to create 2D and 3D advanced gaming environment experiences with predictable illustrations, natural structure, excellent format, and drawing interactivity.

This tool primarily creates games for mobile devices, desktop computers, websites, and other platforms. Recent enhancements to this tool have also made it possible to develop cross-platform games.

Android Debug Bridge:

The Android Debug Bridge is a versatile command-line tool used to communicate with Android devices while developing, testing, and debugging.

You’ll be able to make the necessary changes in both devices by connecting Android devices to PC development and entering a series of terminal commands.

Native Development Kit:

The NDK is a set of tools that allows Android developers to build some aspects of their apps using native-code languages such as C and C++. Furthermore, developers can benefit from the NDK because it will enable them to reuse code libraries written in these languages. The fact that NDK will only help some apps is essential to remember.

Because native code frequently adds complexity rather than performance, the developer must weigh its advantages and disadvantages. Native code does not constantly improve performance. 

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As the demand for Android apps grows, so will the number of tools that help developers spend less time creating high-quality apps. We hope you found some interesting and valuable tools on this list to help you improve your development productivity.

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