Amazing Features That Enhances User Experience

It is no secret that the amazing features user experience of an online store is the main factor that customers use to decide whether to trust a website. Once you have thoroughly reviewed your current customer service experience, you can begin to improve it positively so that customers are happy with the experience and ready to return.

Changing the user experience of an entire e-commerce site is not an easy task – it takes a lot of time and thought to get it right. I’m glad there are so many strategies you can use to improve your customers’ shopping experience. Here are some characteristics you will need to make sure your ecommerce site is working.

1. Add to cart

Put in a cart (plus soft and cart) that allows customers to add products to their car or show them what is already on board without having to go to a different page or open a new window. Instead, customers can scroll through the “View Cart” button and see a pop-up with details of the contents of the vehicle. This gives them an update when they place them on the current page, which is a great addition to a good deal and an added bonus for your memorable customers.

2. Customized page 404

Visiting a 404 page is not always a great user experience, but customizing a 404 page can turn a frustrating experience into an informative — and perhaps even enjoyable — customer experience. When creating custom 404 pages, consider linking back to your original page or suggesting links they may be looking for. If it fits your score, you can add some fun to ease the situation.

3. Similar or related products

If a customer is looking for something that is not 100% satisfying their needs, showing similar products on your product page can help customers find what they are looking for, which can also help increase conversions. Let’s say a buyer looks for green shoes or bulk calendar printing and finds something in your store, but finds that they are not exactly the look they want. If you have similar products appearing on the product page, they will get more green shoes, one of which could be their good looks easily.

Similarly, related products can enhance the shopping experience. If a customer decides to buy a source from you, and they see cleaning supplies and replacement filters in the related product section, they can decide to order these two products again and save the hassle of finding them later. Anything that saves time for customers will improve the user experience.

4. In-store updates

If your business has a brick and mortar store in addition to your online store, this plan is for you. Flexibility is one of the strengths of e-commerce, so by allowing customers to place orders online and pick up inside the store instead of transferring the house, you are making it easier (and more affordable) down) for customers to get their products. However, keep in mind that this feature is suitable for large online stores as well as local customer service providers. While integrating store-bought products with online marketing requires some flexibility, it is a great feature for your customers if your business can handle it.

5. On-page checkout

Usage studies have shown that one page viewers are more interested in customers than having them click multiple pages to include their shipping and billing information. After all, who wants to browse endless pages while trying to buy? For a better user experience, you want to remove as many obstacles as possible so that customers do not feel like a burden to buy again in the future.

6. Hospitality

Many online marketers are wary of online hacks that can provide sensitive information to malicious people. As a result, a large number of customers do not want their shipping information (especially billing) stored anywhere, even on the most secure sites. To improve the user experience for your customers, give them the option of viewing as a guest rather than having them create an account with your business to store their information. While you may choose to keep customer information on file, the best user experience is to make things easier for your customers and bring you sales.

7. Browsing the site

As understandable as your key may be, when your customers arrive at your site for the first time, they will not know their way right away from your site. To prepare for customers who know exactly what they want, simplify the buying process by using site search that automatically quotes what they are asking for. This will save them from the frustration of having to roll over and over again, which can lead them to look for different businesses to meet their needs.

8. Customer service 

Whether they are shopping at a brick and mortar store or online, nothing makes customer day more enjoyable than the big business. Try to give customers a wide range of ways to contact potential backers, such as phone calls, emails, and chats. Providing immediate assistance to reduce conflicts is especially important when the customer is shopping, where a phone number and / or live chat feature is useful. Having friendly and knowledgeable staff can help put a face on character and products and make shopping in your store more enjoyable.

9. Multiple payment methods

How often do you pay at checkout, hand in your credit card, and get it back because they didn’t take the card? It is not a pleasant experience, and in order to provide the best user experience, you should avoid putting your customers in the same situation. Although there are a plethora of payment methods available today (especially digital), many customers have a specific payment method that they prefer to use when shopping online. To meet this need, offer different payment options so that more customers can visit your business.

Final Thoughts

Giving your customers a great user experience is a great way to make sure they buy you again, or even promote your site to their friends. Try to incorporate as many of the above features as possible to enhance the user experience of your website and build a loyal customer base.

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