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About Indian Human Hair Weaves And Caring Tips

Indian Hair Weaves

You must desire your hair weave to the last longer if you get high-quality virgin Indian human hair weaves. It is crucial to take appropriate care of Indian human hair weaves to extend the life of your virgin Indian hair weft. So here are some care instructions for your virgin Indian human hair extensions in this article.

Installing the hair: Install your Virgin Indian human hair weft by a professional hairstylist to ensure it does not shed after installation.

What Is Virgin Indian Hair?

  • Hair that is 100 percent Remy
  • Legitimately collected from ethical sources in India.
  • Hair of the greatest grade on the market.
  • It’s naturally light and airy, and it moves with a lot of bounce.
  • Tangle-free and simple to style.
  • Because it’s a dark brown, it goes with almost every hair color, especially African-American hair.

Texture: Indian hair has various natural textures, ranging from gently wavy to deeply curled. Deep curly hair is hard to come by and is always in short supply. The natural virgin Indian hair texture ranges from slightly wavy to deeply wavy. You may not get the exact texture you want off the market if you want bone straight hair or a very specific curl pattern.

Indian straight hair, Indian wavy hair, and Indian curly hair are the three most common textures for virgin Indian hair bundles. Virgin Indian hair, on the other hand, is so versatile that you can flat iron it to achieve a sleek straight look or curl it into your desired style.

Color: Natural colors of black and dark brown and everything in between are available in Indian hair. Virgin Indian hair is never marketed according to “color codes.” Because virgin Indian hair is never colored and offered naturally, color variations between bundles may occur. Because hair in our heads naturally has several shades of color and is never of one flat tone, this provides you a more natural look and better depth of color.

Caring tips of virgin Indian human hair

Washing and Conditioning of Virgin Indian Hair

Wash your Virgin Human Hair at least once a week and shampoo it as your own. For curly textures to look their best, they need to be shampooed or co-washed frequently. Make sure you use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner during the washing procedure.

Detangling of Indian Human Hair

Keep your hair weaves from tangling and frizzing up at all times. Brush or comb your hair weave lightly to prevent putting too much pressure on it. You should use a detangling brush to comb your human hair extension to avoid tangles, especially around the neck. Starting from the bottom work your way up, detangling your hair the way you would your own.

At night, wear your hair “up.” Before going to bed, plait, pin or roll your hair (using bendy rollers). This is critical for avoiding knots. Avoid going to bed with wet hair, or loose hair because it will tangle. Wear a satin hat or a satin-covered pillow to bed. 

Drying of Indian Human Hair

When it comes to preserving the longevity of your human hair weaves, it’s critical to utilize heat sparingly. Granted, you should be able to curl and blow-dry your hair every day if you want to, but keep in mind that it will not last as long as if you let it air dry and then flat iron it twice a week. If you want to blow dry your hair, use the lowest heat setting possible to avoid shedding and breaking. Because you may not like the idea of getting your human hair extensions to dry out, utilize heat in moderation.

Protecting Virgin Human Hair

While washing, curling, and dyeing your virgin human hair, don’t forget to protect your hair weaves. If you decide to utilize heat on your hair daily, use a heat protection serum to keep it from drying out. Natural oils like coconut oil and virgin olive oil will help maintain the hair while also keeping it hydrated and soft. Your human hair extensions should not become brittle.

I hope you have a good understanding of virgin Indian human hair with the preceding arguments. India Hair International (IHI) is a global distributor and direct manufacturer of superior Indian human hair. IHI is your “one-stop” store for the most beautiful human hair on the market, whether you’re looking for a product, a well-established or emerging hair brand, or a hair reseller.

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