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8 Tips: Tirst Aid When Choosing a Rug for Living Room

This way you will find the perfect rug for your interior.

In the sitting area, under the dining table, or even on the wall: a rug gives a room atmosphere in one fell swoop. What do you look for when purchasing a rug?

Floor coverings for the family room are both valuable as well as lovely. A cotton floor covering can both really and figuratively catch the furniture in a room. Furniture that sits on a mat is considerably less responsive to move and slide than furniture that sits on a hard surface, like a wood or tile floor. It will outwardly relegate an easygoing discussion region or ostensibly separate a lounge area from a TV space in it. There is a viable and actual piece of floor coverings online as well. They are a way to deal with safeguarding feasting seats from scratching your wood floor or a spot to wipe your feet with a mat at the entrance, or a kitchen carpet before the sink to abstain from slipping.

1. How big should a rug be?

Think carefully about the size of the rug in advance. To create a whole, it is best if all the front legs of the seating furniture are on the rug. In this way, your sitting area forms a beautiful unit in your room and no one trips over it anymore!

2. Where can I apply rugs?

You can also go in all directions with a rug outside the seating area. A carpet in the hall provides a nice entrance and a rug at the foot of your bed provides an extra comfortable atmosphere. Are you so in love with your rug? Then hang it on the wall! Many rugs are genuine works of art.

3. Is a rug under the dining table a good idea?

Absolute! A rug in the dining area is completely modern. So definitely do it! Make sure that all legs of the chairs fit on the rug, even if they are not pushed on.


4. High pile, low pile, coarse or fine?

The structure of a rug gives it character. A long pile or coarsely woven rug has a nonchalant appearance due to the tousled look and can provide a nice contrast in a sleek interior. Short-pile rugs provide a slightly neater and tighter whole.

5. Does a rug help with acoustics?

Yes! The structure of a rug also contributes to the sound in the house. Especially if you have a hard floor and no floor-to-ceiling curtains, the acoustics in the house can be bad. The coarser, thicker, and more robust a rug, the more it contributes to the acoustics in the house.

6. Underfloor heating: carpet or not?

Underfloor heating and rugs go well together, especially if there is still enough free space around the rug. It is true that the heat in the area of ​​the rug can spread less well. You limit this disadvantage by not using an underlay.

7. Print, bright color or neutral?

Do you have a neutral interior and are you unsure about choosing a calm or colorful rug? Especially in a quiet room, a rug with a print or bright color can really bring the room to life.

8. Does a rug fit with me?

Are you still in doubt? Put down some old newspapers to see the effect of a rug. This will give you a good idea of ​​what it will look like. Also useful to determine the size of the rug!

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