7 Window Treatment That Will Always Trend

Window treatments are as much about design and style as they are about functionality and usefulness. Windows play a special function around the house by allowing us a view of the world outside. It also gives the house fresh air, and natural sunlight and complements the walls of the room. So, it is important to treat the window well so that it can give you the right utility and elevate the look of the wall and the room in which the windows are present. It does not matter whether you choose blinds and shutters or drapes and shades, every window treatment when applied well can offer style and functionality.

Window treatments have evolved greatly over the years, there are better manufacturing techniques, advances in the quality of materials, and going beyond automation, today one can choose smart window treatments that can be operated with smart apps and voice commands. New trends come and go, old trends phase away, but some trends continue to endure

Here are 7 Window treatments that will always trend

1.      Shades with natural fibers

Shades made with natural fibers such as jute, fabric, bamboo, linen, hemp is always trending for various reasons. Earlier it was because they were the only available alternatives and today because they are eco-friendly alternatives. The advanced manufacturing technologies ensure that the materials are durable and easy to maintain. You can choose these materials not only in their earthy, natural colors and tones, but in a variety of prints, colors, and designs too.

2.      Combi Shades

A fairly modern window treatment alternative, combi shades combine the style and functionalities of blinds and shades. So, one can enjoy the comfort of having vanes on the windows that neatly stack up like shades when pulled open. When you cannot decide between blinds and shades, just go with combi shades – you can never go wrong with these. There is a wide range of alternatives in terms of colors and designs in combi shades.

3.      Vanes for windows

You can choose between blinds and shutters in Los Angeles if you are looking for vanes for the windows. Vanes are a great addition as they not only add value to the décor but also offer greater functionality. You can control the amount of natural light, heat, and air that comes into the room. Vanes are versatile and can be added to any room – in a residential or commercial space. You can even get stationary vanes to add to the arches above the doors and windows. Thus, you can customize the window covering to suit any window shape.

4.      Window treatment Automation

Window treatments such as blinds or shades with cords are known to be an accident hazard in spaces that are used by children and pets. There are cordless alternatives to these window treatments, but automated window treatments make it easier to use them. You can manage them with remote control. There are new smart window treatment alternatives that allow you to manage the window treatment with popular apps on Apple or Google platforms. You can have custom shutters installed that can be commanded to open or close or draw the vanes using Siri or Alexa.

5.      Layering window treatments

There are options to layer window treatments, alternate them, or have more than one style of window treatment in a room. While shades and shutters are a popular choice, one can also choose blinds and shades or blinds and shutters for alternating or layering. In rooms with large bay or bow windows, or where multiple windows and doors are used different types of window treatment can make a statement. For instance, custom shutters in Los Angeles are famous for French windows or doors separating spaces within a room.

6.      Sun blocking window treatment

Solar shades or using a layer of sunblock for window treatment adds greatly to the functionality of the window treatment. Whether the window is east or South facing, or it may be for the bedroom windows, the sun-blocking layer is very effective in darkening the room. They cut the harmful UV rays and naturally insulate the room. So, if you want to sleep in late on a holiday, then you don’t have to worry about sunlight hitting the room. Solar shades and blinds are used for rooms where there are objects that are sensitive to the sunlight. So, if there is antique furnishing in the room, or the likelihood of carpet fading, adding the sun protection layer is a smart move.

There are many new ways in which one can elevate the style statement of the room by using the right window treatment. You can choose from colors, patterns, and designs to create highly personalized statement pieces for the house. the important thing is to understand the room décor, color scheme, and purpose of the window treatment before making one’s choice.

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