8 Cool Smart Accessories For Your Smartphone

Everyone carries their cell phone with them wherever they go these days. They do more work with their phones than anything else, whether they are businessmen, professionals or students. Below we have the list of accessories to help them out.

Mini IR Remote Controller Adapter

You can use it quite effectively with your smartphone. This IR Remote Controller Adapter can be used to control TVs, amps, sound boards, air conditioners, etc. The adapter is compatible with iPhones and Android devices. A 10m infrared sensor with a dedicated app allows it to be controlled and used via its dedicated app. With this device, you can control your local electric appliances by simply plugging it in and opening the app. You can get it for $7.87.

15W Qi Car Phone Holder Wireless Charger Car Mount

This is a useful accessory for frequent travelers who drive a lot. The case can accommodate different smartphone sizes. The phone holder has a smart dual-chip and a pure copper coil, allowing it to charge 70% faster. The device can deliver a 15W charging output. Priced at $23.64, it can be purchased online.

Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote

A group picture without a tripod is difficult to take as someone always misses the right shot. Using a Bluetooth Shutter remote, we’ve come up with a solution to this problem. In Cell Phone Time you get lot of information about smarphones and their accessories. Wirelessly control your smartphone camera with this cool device. You can connect it to any smart device with Bluetooth. At $1.12, it is an easy buy.

6-in-1 Charging Station

Do you have a lot of electronic devices to charge and want to avoid using multiple cords and adapters to connect them to the charger? Get a 10W Qi Wireless Charging Station 6-in-1. Smartwatches and smartphones running on Android and Apple are supported. Plugging in the device only requires the user to plug into a Type-C, Lightning, or Micro USB port. Wireless charging is also supported. It supports 10W rapid charging and intelligent temperature control. It is available for $18.49.

3-in-1 Charging Station

If you require only three ports and need a modular design, then the 3-in-1 charging stand might be the best option. With it you can charge your iPhone 12/11/8 Pro Max, AirPods, and other Android phones in fast Qi 15W wireless charging. Qi 3.0 is supported. This stand has three charging functions that save desk space and is protected from over-voltage, over-temperature, and over-current. It is available for $23.42.

Sports Smartphone ArmBand

Running or jogging with a smartphone in your pocket is a problem. Sports Arm Smartphone cases can be used to accommodate your smartphone, AirPods, or other essentials while doing outdoor physical activity. Sports Arm Smartphone cases are specially designed for running and jogging.

Double velcro closure ensures a tighter grip around the arm. With a weight of 53 grams, it is crafted from nylon and lycra material. The price is $3.37.

Bluetooth Folding Keyboard

Keyboards are essential for writers, coders, and any person who makes their living writing digital content. You may occasionally need a physical keyboard, regardless of what device you use. Having a physical keyboard is more beneficial for tablets than smartphones. However, there are still a lot of smartphone users who frequently type on them. For around $24, they can purchase this foldable wireless keyboard to use with their smartphones or tablets.

Phone Holder Stand

Smartphones are often quite challenging to hold in your hand. Mainly when we are in the same position while watching or working. This is when phone holders come in handy. 

Olaf Phone Holders feature adjustable angles, silicone pads with anti-skid surfaces, and are durable and long-lasting. Designed using ABS material, they are lightweight and convenient. It costs just $2.98.

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