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7 Creative Mobile App Ideas for Startups

Mobile App Ideas for Startups

Mobile applications have entirely dominated the smartphone market. Everyone, from startups to multinational corporations, is developing mobile apps and is finding new ways to monetize their apps to reach a wider audience. However, your mobile app success heavily depends on your unique concept. If you don’t have a unique app idea, even a mobile monetization guide cannot help you to show your spark in the market. You’ll need a mobile app concept that’s both useful and has a high possibility of being a commercial success.

Nowadays, mobile apps can book flights, cabs, movie tickets, and even supermarket deliveries. There are applications for exercise, meditation, dating, insurance, and more. Statista predicts 109 billion Google Play Store downloads by 2020. By 2025, 187 billion apps will be downloaded through Google Play.

Having a mobile app is crucial for a successful business. Many apps employ the same fundamental idea. This illustrates that an original mobile app idea is crucial to its success. Developing new app ideas is difficult. We’ve uncovered some fantastic mobile app ideas.

Let’s get started

1. E-Learning Apps

Due to the sudden spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional educational institutions have switched to online education platforms. Because of this, many students need extra help with their homework so they can keep up with it. One of the most important app ideas for the education business is to make an online tutoring app. This lets students find tutors based on their location, experience, skills, teaching expertise, hourly rates, and other factors. E-learning apps have been the most popular ones for companies to make because nothing beats learning in real-time.

2. AI-Based Astrology App

People have always been interested in trying to guess the future. Astrology has been interesting to people in many different times and places, from ancient times to the present day. People who are good with technology often use apps on their phones instead of people to figure out what to do with their lives. The idea behind astrology mobile app development is to use cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning to make more accurate predictions about the future.

3. Blockchain Medical Support System

Blockchain is a new kind of technology that is likely to have a big impact on a wide range of industries in the near future, including the healthcare industry. Based on blockchain technology, the medical support system can make it safe for patients and their doctors to send each other their medical records. If you want to come up with new ideas for healthcare apps, developing mobile apps based on the blockchain will give you the perfect chance.

4. VR-Based Virtual Travel App

People miss one thing most during a pandemic: being able to go wherever they want. People had to stay inside their homes to avoid getting sick. In an age of pandemics, the arrival of VR travel apps has been meeting all travellers’ needs. With this mobile app, you can look around a real place or area as if you were there, but you don’t have to leave your home. The market for VR travel and tourism was worth $74.6 million in 2018. It is expected to be worth $304.4 million by 2023, which is an increase of 32.5% per year.

5. On-Demand Mobile Apps

On-demand apps put customers in touch with different service providers and vice versa. Like Uber, they let people order any service and try to give it to them in minutes.  There are many benefits of On-Demand delivery apps used by millions of people to get the easy delivery of products or services they want to buy from a wide range of industries.

Now, you can use these services to do things like buy groceries, do laundry, food delivered, rent a car, or get help with your health. In short, people can get online delivery of the products with just a few taps on of phones. On-Demand apps are used by most online businesses today to grow and build their reputations.

6. Beauty Service App

Who wants to stand in line for a long time to get a haircut or other beauty service? I guess none. Because of this, a unique app idea is born: beauty services that you can call for whenever you want. You can use this great idea for an app to make your own app that connects hairdressers/beauty salons and their clients.

Help your users avoid waiting in long lines by letting them book an appointment with a hairdresser or beautician whenever they want. Help hairdressers and beauty salons list their services and prices on the application. This will ensure that customers’ requests come in regularly, which will lead to more money. You can create an app for on-demand beauty services that give users and beauticians a place to meet.

7. App for Online Consultation

People are still worried about their health because of the pandemic, so it’s not a surprise that online consultation apps are becoming more popular and useful. In fact, there’s no better way than medical apps to keep doctors and other important health care providers close to patients at all times. These apps show how far telemedicine has come, and it’s time for developers to start making it even better, especially since it can help a lot in the fight against COVID-19.

Wrapping Up

No matter what app ideas you choose for your business, the app’s success will depend on the skills and knowledge of the people who make it. A simple app can get more attention from the audience it was made for. And can help your business rank high on Google and other search engines. So, if you want to grow your business with mobile app development, you can go with professional app development service providers who can make your dreams come true.


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