4 Types of Tactical Belts

Tactical belts are essential for military operations. Tactical belts are made to carry heavy equipment securely. Some of them even have Molle loops for attachment of equipment and water bottles. Others are equipped with a Molle pouch for storing other essential items. Size of a tactical belt is also crucial because an overly large belt will hinder movement and cause items to fall off. Read on to learn more about Charter Tactical belts.

Cobra Tactical Belts

If you’re looking for a load bearing tactical belt, consider the CONDOR LCS Gun belt. It’s made from heavy-duty webbing reinforced with scuba webbing. Constructed with multiple layers of scuba webbing, it’s extremely durable and able to support up to three times its own weight. You’ll feel secure with this belt, regardless of your weapon’s weight.

Condor has been in the tactical gear business for a long time, and their line of tactical belts is no exception. Known for its lower-priced, entry-level tactical gear, Condor has now made a Cobra tactical bel犀利士
t with a COBRA buckle that costs more than many battle belts. In addition, they now feature laser-cut webbing that increases overall durability. If you’re looking for a belt that won’t fall off during a tense confrontation, the Condor LCS Cobra is an excellent choice.

Tactical Belts

Cobra tactical belts use aramid fiber, the same material that astronauts used to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. This material is waterproof, slick, and considerably elastic – ideal for a tactical belt. The Cobra technique of weaving makes the aramid fiber belts a little stiffer than standard ones, and they also feature a gunmetal buckle with the company’s logo embossed on it.

Elite Survival Systems Tactical Belts

The general utility belt from Elite Survival Systems is a sturdy, versatile choice for those who often have to carry multiple items. This belt is constructed from rugged nylon webbing and can withstand continuous wear and tear. It can also be used to carry a holstered firearm and modular accessories such as mag pouches. The General Utility Belt is a slim design that swings open and is 50 inches long. It is available in two sizes and is made from the highest-grade materials.

The Cobra Riggers Belt from Elite Survival Systems features a rescue D-ring and a Cobra buckle. The buckle and D-ring can hold a maximum weight of 5,000 pounds when pulled straight. These tactical belts are also constructed with heavy-duty hardware and Mil-Spec type 13 webbing for strength and durability. There are many other options available from Elite Survival Systems, too. And if you’re not sure what to choose, be sure to follow the belt measurement directions carefully.

Mission’s Tactical Belt

If you’ve been looking for a new tactical belt, you may have noticed a few changes recently. While many tactical belts are still the same, there’s a new evolution to belt styles and design. The Mission Belt combines functionality and style. Here are some of the new features you can expect. And with a lifetime warranty, you can be sure you’ll never have to replace your belt again. The new Mission tactical belt is made of a durable, waterproof material that is resistant to stains and spills.

A GIBBORIM gun belt is a perfect example of Mission’s design approach. It has a core made of ultra-stiff nylon and a shell constructed of 1000D Cordura, offering exceptional abrasion resistance. The buckles are interchangeable, and the mil-spec webbing on this belt interfaces with your buckle of choice. This tactical belt is manufactured in the United States, and it’s guaranteed not to stretch or wear out over time.

Tactical Belts

Stratagem Tactical Belt

The STRATAGEM tactical belt is the ultimate companion for any tactical soldier. It features two compartments and a HUB back panel to keep your gear secure. This belt also features a zipper guard that keeps your items from getting stuck inside the zipper. In addition, this belt doesn’t require a belt mount because it uses a lasercut PALSTEX laminate. This milspec laminate is also highly resistant to abrasion and tears.

This belt comes with a condor Cobra buckle and a Triangular buckle borrowed from the 5.11 Tactical Alta. Its thick nylon belt is extremely difficult to twist. The buckle, meanwhile, is a Cobra. The Cobra buckle provides an added level of security. The buckle is designed to be easy to open and close, but it can still withstand high loads.

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