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10 Best Instagram Fonts for Social Media Branding

If you are in the market for the best Instagram fonts for social media branding, this feature for you! With the emergence of a roll, Instagram is expected to only be bigger. And as if social media does not continue to dominate digital space, the giant sharing media by Mark Zuckerberg is expected to be a greater agreement for business leaders and marketing.

best Instagram fonts

It was formed, just making sense why advertising material continues to look for fonts and types of letters that are more attractive to the Instagram market. As a result, we take the freedom to explore the internet to collect the most sought -after Instagram fonts available today.

But if someone wants to use best Instagram font styles for social media branding they can also use special fonts for Instagram branding. They can directly convert simple text into cool and catchy special fonts for Instagram.

Best 10 Instagram Font for Social Media Branding

BETWEEN HAYS – Sophisticated Serif

Another classy serif is between days. Designed mainly for high-class Instagram posts and class A projects, this one looks elegant. Italics, easy to read, and trendy, this option is suitable for branding efforts and beautiful social media marketing posters.
Font Serif Workbar

Workbar is a beautiful soft serif font uniting the classic and funky. Optimizing the exact balance of thick and slender, this finding is very suitable for branding efforts and headlines on social media art cards.


Miracles do not have the same sentence for their characters, and that is what makes it so new and charming. All-uppercase Instagram font, this set is suitable for light projects and headline-centric stories. Also perfect for children’s design, there are many projects that you can complete here.

Emerland Serif Font

Are you looking for a slim font and theater? If you say yes, maybe Emerland is the best for you. Serif is professional and elegant, this one is the exercise of creativity, class, and calmness as an Instagram font.

Dubbo – Retro Serif Font

Vintage font rarely disappoints and dubbo is proof of it. Fashionable Instagram fonts that depend on thick and retro aesthetics, this competitor is the best choice for designers who want to issue a brave and charming header.

Meritta Serif

Merritta Serif is a perfect combination of Instagram fonts between creative, read, and professional. Sports curves in all the right places, this font package optimizes sharp lines, slim edges, and amazing vintage aesthetic. Suitable for various branding efforts, this font will definitely get a double tap on Instagram in an instant.

Hello Santu

Modern script Instagram fonts rarely disappoint, thank you to fonts like Hello Santuy. Suitable for wedding invitations, journals, and of course, Instagram art cards, this competitor is one of the prettier choices today.

Records and quotes of duo fonts

Is the Instagram account that is driven by a brand without using a quote? Whether you are a social media account manager from creative who navigating digital space with Instagram, you will enjoy using notes and font design quotes. Designed primarily to post with quotes on the front lines, this one is easy to be a creative favorite because of how friendly this Instagram font is.

Leah Gaviota

You could say one of the more fun findings in the list is Leah Gaviota. The combination of manuscripts, thickness, outline, serif & sans-serif, this competitor is innate as the winner because of the nuances of his handwriting. Suitable for greeting cards, nameplates, and posters, this option will also shine when used for social media marketing materials.

CAROLA | Modern Serif

You could say one of the best choices for Instagram posts with heavy text is Carola. Long, slender, and statement itself, this choice is very suitable for Instagram accounts driven by advocacy that demands amazing headlines.

Mariona Serif font

Combining drama and calm is Mariona. Perfect for publication efforts, Instagram headlines, and brand logos, this section is integrated with tilted and curved lines very well. Although this option is not a good choice for paragraphs, you can rely on it to convey all your best titles and taglines.

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