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Fencing Company Dundee, There are many options available for wood fencing. You can go with stockade, picket or lattice work. Whether you have a wood fenced yard in your front yard or back yard, there are several factors to consider. Read on to find out about Western Red Cedar, Picket fences and Latticework.


Latticework is a type of wooden fencing used to beautify a yard. It is typically made of two or four laths running horizontally between fence posts. Its width can vary, but the panels should never span more than 1800mm (6ft). Lattice panels are usually precut or pre-assembled, or purchased ready-made. They come in a variety of sizes and can be installed in a variety of designs.

To construct lattice, a miter saw is often used to cut the pieces of 2×4 frame wood. A circular saw can also be used with a fence to cut the 3/4-inch strips of wood that will act as lattice stops. You should cut these strips one-half inch shorter than the frame’s side pieces and three-fourths inches shorter than the top and bottom lattice pieces.

Picket fences

The basic design of a picket fence features two or more upright boards, called pickets, which are fastened to posts spaced at least two feet apart. The type of lumber used and the finish used will determine the durability and look of the fence. However, the style and color of the pickets can be changed to suit the design of your home.

Originally, picket fences were used to corral livestock, and they are still popular today. While they aren’t as durable as the fences of the past, they do retain some of their classic characteristics. They are typically three to four feet high and offer a perfect combination of beauty and security.

Stockade fences

Stockade fences are commonly used as a perimeter fence around a yard. They are easy to install and don’t require any specialized skills. Because they are pre-assembled, installing them can take as little as eight hours to complete. This time will vary based on the length and type of stockade fence you choose. In addition to the ease of installation, stockade fences are also low maintenance.

A wooden stockade fence is a common choice for people who want a traditional look for their fence. These fences are typically built tightly together, without any gaps. Metal fencing Dundee, These fences will not require yearly painting or staining, and they will last for several decades. Additionally, they can be easily altered to create a different look or feel.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a beautiful wood, and is an excellent choice for wood fencing. Cedar is resistant to termites, a common enemy of wooden fences. Fencing Company Dundee, The oil in cedar makes it a natural deterrent to these pesky insects, so you won’t need to worry about termites attacking your wood fence. Insects prefer wood that is moist and soaked in soil. The oil in cedar repels most insects.


Cypress wood fencing is a very popular choice for many homeowners. Its light color and clean edged planks make it easy to carve into a variety of different styles. Also, cypress has a unique honey-gold color that develops within the first year of use. And once it has achieved this golden hue, it will hold it for many years.

The heartwood of a cypress tree is naturally resistant to decay, insects, and corrosion. However, despite this natural resistance, cypress fencing can deteriorate over time and can even become coated with moss. Proper care will renew the natural appearance of your cypress fence and keep it safe from salt spray and other harmful elements.

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