Why You Should Choose Vue.js For Web UI Development?

I am sure you know this already; a customer is the soul of a business. Their opinions matter the most and their requirements are to be meted out in the best manner possible. This means they need to get the best ALWAYS! The business thus has to incorporate new ways to keep them retained to their services. This includes making their main website as attractive as possible and making it as intuitive as possible at the same time.

So how do you go about achieving this?

Well, as a developer I am sure you know this already, you need to know the latest technologies, and functionalities, followed by the latest elements. Their addition to the app development process will make it appear even more attractive and user-friendly so to speak.

This also includes placing focus on the UI/UX design too.

As you read this article here, you will understand the reasons why it becomes necessary to include these constituents and the way they enhance the overall process of Web UI development.

So without much ado; let us begin.

Importance of Adding Attractive Elements during Web UI Development

As stated earlier, a good design helps set a website apart and support the business in the long run in becoming a brand.

However, the achievement is not as easy as it sounds. It includes incorporating some framework and technologies within the front end and back end respectively. It simultaneously includes focusing on the UI/UX design too.

While talking about the front-end particularly, there is a wide array of JavaScript frameworks that developers usually recommend for enhancing their web app UI. One among them is Vue.js.

So what are the factors that are responsible for the popularity of this framework? Additionally, why is there so much buzz about this framework too?

Let us understand the same in the lines below.

Let me first introduce you to this framework in the lines below.

Introducing You to Vue.js

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According to Wikipedia, Vue.js is an open-source model-view-viewmodel front-end JavaScript framework recommended for conceiving user interfaces and single-page apps.

Having an adaptable architecture, the framework places its exclusive focus on declarative rendering and component composition. Simultaneously, as the focus of the core library lies on the view layer alone, and the supporting layers and package, therefore, tasks such as routing, build tooling, etc become seamless.

Finally, as the framework provides flexibility to developers to directly write render functions using hyper script either through function calls, etc, therefore building apps from the software components becomes easy too.

All these factors have been responsible for the popularity of this framework. This includes their utilization by close to around 36,000 websites in total.

So, now that you have some idea of the basics of this framework, let us understand the features that help to make it so popular during the task of web UI development.

Basic Attributes of Vue.js

Have a look at this image below

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In the image above, you can observe the components of this framework and its breakdown. In the lines below, I explain the same to you.

Virtual DOM

Though virtual DOM is used by other frameworks too, like React, Ember, etc, VueJS makes use of this to the fullest. Using it, no changes get made to the DOM. Instead, a replica creation takes place. This is particularly in the form of JavaScript data structures.

Thereafter, the comparisons with the original data structure get performed. This helps in the task of optimization. It is simple and fast through this framework in fact

Data Binding

This is another major element that helps VueJS stand out. This data binding feature supports assigning values to the HTML attributes. This makes it simple to update or modify the style. Additionally, tasks like assigning classes through a binding directive, also known as v-bind that is present within VueJS become easy.


The presence of HTML-based templates which binds the DOM with the Vue instance data helps compilation in general. In other words, the framework allows template compilation into the virtual DOM Render functions.


One of the most noteworthy elements of VueJS is the Vue-router. It helps in seamless navigation between different web pages.


Last, the lightweight nature of the VueJS script ensures that the overall performance remains high always.

Looking at these elements, I am sure you can understand thus why this framework is becoming so popular.

Have a look at this image below.

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The image above depicts how VueJS has impacted areas ranging from controlling the front end in totality, especially within a single-page application. This was followed by the extra layer of interactivity that got added to a static site, and so on.

All these factors have been responsible for the overriding popularity of the framework, particularly when speaking about web UI development.

Some of the other reasons are.

Other Reasons Why Vue.js Development Services are Observing Increased Popularity

Vue.js Development Services
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In the image above, you can gain an insight into the factors that have been responsible for enhancing the popularity of Vue.JS development. In the lines below, I explain the same.

Small App Size but High Speed

Having a size of around 18 to 21 kb, Vue.js is its overall small size. This however doesn’t affect the speed. The overall speed remains high. This is particularly when they may be in pursuit of a framework that is ideal for both small and large-scale app projects.

Easy to Learn<犀利士
As a result of the learning curve being extremely easy, therefore chances of elimination are considerably low, especially within the coding environment. Therefore, developing both small and large-scale templates becomes quick and seamless.

Performance is High

VueJS pays constant attention to different shortcomings. Therefore tasks like managing a high frame rate become easy. This helps to ensure a site that is performing the best always.

This is a blessing in disguise for developers and businesses.

It is Future Perfect

For a business, they must get a solution that is bug-free and updated to the best capabilities always. This is why VueJS becomes a worth-selecting option. It provides businesses with the desired flexibility to manage their app with ease. It also gives them the convenience to keep their app free from anomalies.

In addition-

  • Easy integration support with already existing apps
  • Flexibility to write templates in HTML, JavaScript, and pure JavaScript files using virtual nodes
  • Ease in ensuring two-way communication due to the MVVM (model-view-view model) architecture of VueJS

All these factors are a blessing in disguise for developers who want to build a website with the best of React and Angular to ensure they create a high-performance site promising high ROI to the business. 

Closing Words

Used already by some of the top names like Adobe Portfolio, Netflix, Xiaomi, and Grammarly, to name a few, the Vue.js framework has gone on to earn a prominent place among developers. This is due to the easy learning curve it possesses. This also includes the high-performing site that businesses are empowered with. Finally, it helps the end solution to remain free from anomalies of any kind. 

Therefore, if you are still in doubt if VueJS is right or not for your business, get in touch with the top UI web development companies. Through their expertise in implementing the best techniques and including the best strategies, they will help you to maximize your returns. Finally, they will help in achieving maximum business success as well. This is by creating a site possessing both extremely intuitive UI and UX.

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