Why should freight shippers use closed trailer trucks?

If you are planning to ship your goods to any destination, closed trailer trucks will in fact prove to be the best solution you can opt for. Here are some advantages of using closed trailer trucks as well as the important features that characterize them.

The advantages of closed trailer trucks

They protect your goods against theft

In the case of closed trailer truck shipments, freight claims against insurance companies generally remain lower. In fact, this trend is explained by the fact that any shipment made through this means of Truck Dispatch Services For Owner-Operators is kept in a closed container during transit, which therefore contributes to reducing the risk of theft of the goods.

If you book a curtain side or flatbed truck, however, the shipment remains exposed and can be easily accessed. Otherwise, in the case of a closed trailer, there is no risk in this sense.

They protect your goods against the vagaries of the weather

A closed trailer truck has a closed container, which means that your goods will be protected against several climatic hazards such as snow, wind or rain and this, throughout the duration of the transport.
In fact, it becomes especially important when your expedition is long distance and when your van will cross mountains, several highways, as well as courses.

Indeed, by opting for a truck with a closed trailer to transport your shipment, you will have the guarantee that your goods will arrive at their destination while being healthy and dry.

Able to meet your needs

Trucks suitable for transporting goods and products have greater availability and their trucks are capable of transporting up to 45,000 pounds or approximately 26 pallets containing non-perishable products.

Thus, these closed trailer trucks prove to be the right solution that you could undertake in order to transport clothes, fabrics, building materials, plastics and other similar items.

Several features to grab

Enclosed trailer truck carriers offer many features that are worth grabbing. Let’s find out about them in the following.

  • The trailer of the pickup truck is very large and designed in a large cube shape
  • A satellite geolocation system
  • The latest equipment.
  • Experienced drivers with required credentials: HAZMAT AND TWIC.

What are the cargo securing guidelines for the transport of dry goods and products ? If you are interested in having more details on the directives of the National Safety Code, you will find in the following, all the elements which will allow you to enter these directives.

Cargo Securing Guidelines

According to the guidelines, cargo should be secured, restrained or arranged in such a way that it does not:

Dropping, falling, jumping, overturning, spilling or moving in any way in the enclosed trailer truck
Slipping or moving inside or on the closed trailer truck in such a way as to interfere with the vehicle’s flexibility or stability.

Inspection guidelines

The driver of the vehicle should:

Carefully inspect the enclosed trailer truck to ensure that the spare tires, tarps, doors, tailgate, and other vehicle equipment have been properly secure.
Make sure the cargo does not interfere with his ability to drive the vehicle safely.
Check that the cargo does not interfere with the exit of persons seated in the driver’s compartment.

Cargo Securing System Guidelines

The system used for cargo securing as well as all its components, which are used to secure, immobilize or contain the cargo inside or on the closed trailer truck, must be sufficiently robust and resistant to external stresses.
The components of the cargo securing system should be:

  • In good working order
  • Adapted to their function
  • Free of weakened, worn or damaged parts which may impair their operating performance.
  • Free from cuts or cracks

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