Why Online Coaching is Better for 1 Year Preparation for JEE Main

JEE Main is the obstacle between engineering hopefuls and their ideal university. Over 10 lakh students from all over the nation take the JEE Main exam each year. For JEE Advanced, only the top 20% are permitted to participate. This demonstrates how challenging it is to be accepted into India’s top engineering schools. Students frequently begin their JEE preparations in the ninth and tenth grades. But is that really required? Can students succeed in the JEE after just a year of preparation? Yes! They can!

When studying for challenging competitive exams like the JEE Main, students might benefit greatly from online instruction. Yet how? Leading online coaching organisations put forth a lot of effort to develop a thorough curriculum that may help students pass JEE Main with a year of preparation. Here are seven perks of online coaching that you should know about in order to prepare for the JEE Main 2023 exam in one year.

Why Is Online Coaching More Effective for JEE Main Preparation in a Year?

Expert Planned Curriculum

The first thing you require while intending to pass JEE Main with a year of preparation is a well-thought-out curriculum. The curriculum must make sure that you have time to thoroughly cover each subject’s material before the test.

Every student’s development can be monitored via online coaching platforms, which can then use that information to develop a curriculum with the highest success rate. It is challenging to pass JEE Main in a year, and the student must put in a lot of effort. However, the issue does become a tiny bit more doable when you have a tried-and-true curriculum on your side. Jee Main Previous Year Question Paper

Best Teachers From Across The Country

The top instructors from across the nation are featured on online coaching platforms. When you only have a year to prepare, it is essential that you have the opportunity to study from the foremost authorities in each field. One of the key determinants of your JEE Main performance is your teachers, and online coaching services like Exampraxis work hard to help you choose the top concept teachers in the nation to guide you.

These instructors make it easier for you to comprehend each subject’s challenging principles, enabling you to better organise your study time. Online coaching services also provide dedicated teachers who will assist you in studying and applying your knowledge in practice once you have a better/clearer understanding of the subjects. These teachers assist you in resolving your questions.

You Can Get Your Doubts Cleared Anytime

You can take advantage of the 24/7 accessibility of online tutoring platforms to get any doubts clarified at any time. Despite the teachers and curriculum, doubts are sure to be a common occurrence for pupils. Hence, this is a huge benefit for JEE candidates. They may remember the solutions and the concepts more clearly if their questions are answered right away.

Online coaching services like Exampraxis provide devoted doubt specialists who are ready 24/7 to clarify your doubts whenever they arise in order to help you with your concerns. Additionally, Exampraxis provides devoted instructors who can assist you in relearning and reviewing your topics so that you can effectively study.

Attend Your Classes Anytime, Anywhere.

Technology has made it possible for you to access the same classes later and participate in live sessions with your lecturers thanks to online coaching platforms. By doing this, you can simplify your study process and learn exactly what your instructor told you again whenever you like.

This is also fantastic because it gives you the opportunity to take the course even if you couldn’t make it to the live session. These advantages of being able to show up for class whenever you like can support your ability to study on your own. What’s better, then? All of this can be done in the comfort of your home.

Ability To Learn Using Practical Examples

The challenging theoretical and practical ideas of physics, chemistry, and mathematics can be challenging to study solely from books when you’re preparing for the JEE Main 2023 exam. Online coaching services like Exampraxis provide all of their students with hands-on learning opportunities in order to help them picture and comprehend the topics more clearly.

Thanks to computer technology, you can better understand the subjects you are studying by using real-world experiments or interactive 3D models. You will retain your knowledge more easily and be aware of your basic ideas at all times if you follow this procedure.

Detailed Tests & Mock Examinations

You would need to undergo arduous levels of frequent testing and mock exams in order to prepare for a competitive exam like the JEE Main. Even more than their study, students need to overcome their exam anxieties in order to succeed on JEE, one of the nation’s toughest exams.

Students must therefore take tests frequently in order to become comfortable with JEE. Students can take subject-specific tests on platforms like Exampraxis anytime they choose, as well as tests broken down by chapter. In addition to receiving accurate feedback on their study habits. This gives pupils little confidence boosts that will gradually help them get over their exam nerves.

Learning-Focused On The Individual

The staff at Exampraxis is aware that every student learns differently. No one technique is perfect in every situation. Therefore, rather than having a study schedule that compels them to study faster. Students need one that allows them to study at their own pace in order to succeed in their JEE attempt.

Exampraxis provides individualised instruction that enables learners to progress at their own rate. While staying on schedule for assessments, live sessions, and quizzes. This timetable enables students to find time for independent study while still pursuing their JEE objectives.


You may fulfil your JEE aspirations with Exampraxis individualised instruction. Just like the more than 3,500 students who used Exampraxis to pass the JEE Main 2022 exam. In order to assist you achieve your educational goals, Exampraxis offers a one-year JEE Main preparation course. This will help you get into the engineering school of your dreams.

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