Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars?

Both car and motorcycle are reliable and among the best mediums to travel on, from one place to another. Being a motorbike lover, I believe that two-wheels are a better form of transportation than four-wheel vehicles.

You can easily cater a bike owing to its size while having the tendency to readily customize in a smaller period of time. Various fabulous stores like Viking Bags Coupon, are easily present in the market to provide the best customizable gears and accessories for your bike. Nevertheless, we will discuss this later on in this article.

So here are some factors that favor motorcycles over cars and even may change your preference list in terms of transportation:

Cost-efficient In Purchase And Resale Price

Purchase And Resale

Well, it is logical and beneficial for us that motorcycles are a lot cheaper than cars in terms of their purchase. While buying a motorbike (a new one), it approximately costs from $5000 to $10,000, whereas, if you know if you buy any four-wheel vehicle the retail price will start at a much higher amount.

Moreover, motorcycles retain their resale value better than cars. Though it does depend on their manufacturing, model, style, and upgradation, motorbikes are still a much better investment than cars for any future mid-life crisis.

Smaller In Size; Easier To Clean And Park

Smaller In Size

Another logical yet relatable factor is that motorcycles are easier to clean and park. Owing to its smaller size, many people can readily and adequately wash them at home, with a single bucket of water and a washcloth, rather than visiting and paying the bills of the carwash.

Also, because of their easily adjustable size, you can comfortably park your motorbike in tight spaces, corners, or even in your home. This will save you from expensive parking tickets and fines.

Economical In terms Of Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption

In terms of fuel efficiency as well, motorcycles surpass cars. Usually, a motorbike can provide you 35-40 miles each gallon, which is significantly better than most gasoline-based cars.

Also, this will have a positive effect on your monthly expenses, and you will be able to save a sensible amount of bucks for the future.

Easy To Maintain And Customize

Maintain And Customize

Just like everything, motorcycles and cars both need to be maintained and taken care of. However, cars’ maintenance is a lot pricier than motorbikes. Since Motorbikes are smaller and easier to open and fix than in the case of a car, making the former a better choice to buy.

Plus, parts and accessories of a motorbike are a lot cheaper and easily available in the market. Stores like Viking Bags Coupon Code, offer qualitative yet cost-efficient items for customization of your bike, making its customization affordable and leaner on your pockets.

Fun And Cooler To Have A Motorbike

Fun And Cooler

Furthermore, owing to its easy customization options, the motorbike is a lot cooler and more fun to ride than the car.

You can imagine the freedom and air that you can sense and experience, while the cold breeze of the road is pushing your hair backward relieving you of all the hardship and stress.

As per a recent study, “riding a motorcycle had a positive effect on stress levels, decreasing hormonal biomarkers by 28 percent compared to the other measured activities.”

Also, you will look 10 times cooler and bad-to-the-bone like Arnold in the movie, Terminator. And chance, you will get a lot of stares from female admirers.

More Eco-Friendly

More Eco-Friendly

Another factor is that owing to their better gas mileage, motorcycles are more eco-friendly than gas-pumping trucks, cars, and heavy four wheels.

Plus, being part of the Great Nation of America, we believe in saving our environment. Even now and in the future, people like us should prefer and stick to riding motorcycles in order to save the world in which we live and reside.

Have Health Benefits

Health Benefits

It is unusual for you to hear that riding a motorbike can have health benefits despite knowing the fact that it is riskier than the car owing to the factor that the rider has to balance the vehicle on two wheels.

Nevertheless, according to research by Dr. Pamela Reilly, Indianapolis, with the motorcycle, there are “six… positive outcomes of riding: stronger knees and thighs, core strength, insulin sensitivity, calorie-burning, neck strength, and mental wellness.”

Also, riding a motorbike will make you more attentive and less sleepy owing to the constantly balancing factor. You can vouch for the fact that most car accidents happen due to the reason of drivers being too comfortable, lazy, and sleepy while driving.

Hence, riding a bike can be a healthy exercise and safer for you and your body while traveling from one place to another.

Vital in Beating A Traffic

Vital in Beating A Traffic

Last but not the least, motorcycles are vital in beating up heavy traffic leaving cars far behind in the race. Owing to its smaller size, you can easily dodge any traffic with your motorbike.

Plus, you will be able to reach any destination on time, including important interviews, exceptional dinner dates with a special person or at a party with your friends, etc.

Motorbikes will never disappoint you in this regard!

To Sum Up

To put it simply, in a comparison between the two, with regards to different factors like purchase, maintenance, customization, size, and experience, motorbikes take the lead and win this rivalry.

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