Why Luxury Service Apartment Better Than Hotels

If you are a new couple just married then spending quality time while renting a Luxury apartment is quite cool!! Get rid of stressful and monotonous daily routine while availing of My homestay Service apartments in Bangalore. For that choice, a quality rental accommodation makes an awesome feeling for yourself.

If you are wondering about any best service apartments in Bangalore!! For renting purposes, need to spend time with your friends and family. Make sure to check out tips for renting a luxury apartment

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  1. Get to know what a luxury apartment is

A luxury apartment is a high-quality property in preference of security, location, and amenities. This type of accommodation has unique properties, making stand unique from others. A special category of people always prefers to have luxury serviced apartments. They are high-earned business or real estate holders. Real Estate people who wish for seasonal rental accommodations. That means they want to lease a home for a short period. My homestay best service apartments in Bangalore offer a lavish and spacious luxury apartment with all amenities for guest comfort. Renting these types of properties can be awesome for spending holidays with friends and family or going on a business trip.

  1. Look for the benefits offered

The advantage of leasing a luxury apartment gives the possibility of accessing the same facilities that you may get in a 5-star hotel. In a luxury apartment, you will get your privacy as well as highly luxurious treatment like in hotels.

Especially this service caters to hiring cooks, maids, babysitters, professional masseurs, helicopter transport, and armored cars. If you are In Bangalore searching for this type of luxury apartment. Then Service apartments in Bangalore is the perfect one.

  1. Know the differences between several properties

When choosing a destination to spend holidays with your beloved ones. You should make select the services and facilities that are mostly present in all serviced apartments that you are looking for.

Make sure they should at least provide more spacious rooms, cinema, parking, gym and various services available in them. Another benefit while seeing luxury apartments is that they should offer customized services like personal shoppers, hairdressers, private chauffeurs, etc. After all, in addition, they should offer, yoga classes, fitness trainers, painting and cooking.


4 Get to know what a seasonal rental accommodation is

A seasonal accommodation is meant only for up to three months. Most real estate business holders search for this type of seasonal rental accommodation. They want to have high-quality luxury services they usually get in high sophisticated hotels.

Why a luxury serviced apartment is called Luxray one?


When it comes to Luxury staying for the short term first comes into our mind is the luxury serviced apartment. Because of its uniqueness, it differs from others. The great luxury service apartment offers an awesome experience incorporating all local cultures. And also gives a great exposure to meet other people. When it comes to experiencing the serviced apartment make effort to keep the style consistent aiming to the customer criteria. The unique style reflects the identity of the apartment and reflects the city in which they found. My homestay, the best service apartment in Bangalore is known for its unique feature that creates a unique identity among its esteemed guest.


Soft beds, floppy beds, and carpets create a epitomize when everything is there in a luxury serviced apartment. Which is called comfort of human desire. All serviced apartments never give this comfort of pleasure. But My homestay Service apartments in Bangalore are one of them that lies for their comforts. When you seat on the soft couch and have your evening snacks and drinks in your luxury apartment is an awesome feeling. In a luxury apartment only, you can get all those comfort amenities that you dreamed of.

A luxury serviced apartment has space and availability of all comforts for your excellent experience. My homestay offers an excellent stay for their guests only place to rest their heads peacefully. It is only for space for relaxation and making feel like home.

Exceptional Service

Because serviced apartments always offer customized exceptional service to their guests. And homestay staff are very accustomed to creating relationships with guests who are residing here for a longer period. My homestay offers personalized services to its guests and creates a very friendly environment for them.

If anyone wants to stay comfortably and peacefully then My homestay Service apartments in Bangalore are the perfect match for you!! Come here to enjoy our luxury 1BHK, premium one BHk flat, Full furnished for family stay.

MyHomeStay are always there to serve customers as their priority!! Their satisfaction is the outstanding performances that we can record for our achievements. Make your stay blissful, happy, amazing with best service apartments in Bangalore

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