Why are custom vinyl records popular In Australia

Nostalgic rise of vinyl records

  • Salutes, audiophiles! The rise of the digital age streaming to listening to songs anywhere and anytime is the gold standard. But have you thought about why custom vinyl records still finding their feet again in the modern day?
  • Vinyl printing goes way back to the 1890s, and it’s an antique music format. Vinyl records were the only thing playing in peoples’ homes until later in the 80s, CDs and cassette tapes took over. But vinyl doesn’t fade away. It slowly slithered into the sales charts in 2006 and kept going up as years went by.
  • In 2020, the Australian music industry reported that CD album sales dropped more than 15% in Australia. In contrast, sales of custom vinyl records go through the roof more than 30%, as new artists started releasing their albums in the classic premium format as an alternative to digital streams, and labels continued to release collector editions of the vinyl.
  • At this juncture, it’s much more than a nostalgia boom. Insiders of the music industry predicted that custom vinyl records in Australia surpassed CDs this year for the first time.
  • Unlike modern digital with flat and loud audio, vinyl records have a unique sound. The analogue output makes vinyl unique. Traditionally vinyl records Melbourne can deliver a sound close to the authentic recording without sorrowing from digital compression in the studio.
  • Regardless, vinyl is expensive to store, produce and sell. Making everything accessible and affordable to many indie artists to release handsome and quirky custom vinyl records in Australia, it appears like it won’t vanish ever.

Why vinyl records and custom vinyl pressing are popular in Melbourne?

For vinyl lovers, the action of setting a record on, carefully removing the vinyl record from the sleeve, positioning it on the turntable and gently lowering the needle in the right trough is a more diligent and conservative way of amusing music.

The simple answer would be the increasing interest in the people to switch to the traditional way of listening to music. Thanks to pandemics, bored people stuck in homes developed an interest in this format.

Vinyl printing industries produce extraordinary merchandise that people love to bring home something valuable after a concert. Custom vinyl pressing records can be multi-coloured and mono-coloured. Multi-coloured undoubtedly looks incredible, like the ripple, splash, and marble designs.

Many things provoked the interest in custom vinyl records in Australia, but let me list a few of them.

An active vinyl experience:

Imagine yourself hunting in flea markets, Walmarts, local records stores, or tag sales with excitement spending hours, searching through stacks, recalling memories from the covers you see, asking people their opinions and making friends with them.

Carrying the vinyl record with the cover case, placing it on a turntable, positioning the needle on the groove, sitting comfortably with a joyful drink and letting music echo throughout the room will take you to a baffling level of happiness.

Better listening experience:

Modern-day music streaming is readily available online at your fingertips, and a vinyl record can only listen to a vinyl player australia by choosing a vinyl collection.

Vinyl records give listeners a better soothing warm sound than the new audio format mixed in the studio. The artwork is something to ponder on to appreciate while listening to the album.

High-quality warm sound:

Most audiences will deny the quality of sound from vinyl records, but it’s all about preferences; the sound is a spectrum of frequencies, vinyl tends to deliver the broadest range of frequencies due to the analogue production process.

But as the trend switches, most art audiophile records melbourne prefer to release on Impress Vinyl. Although vinyl records have high-quality sound, fans still believe it’s part and parcel of authentic vinyl printing.

Better investment and collectables:

Unlike online streaming music sites that are licenced music, they charge you monthly subscription fees. On the other hand, vinyl records can be collectable and owned. With rising interest in buying, collecting, and selling vinyl records, collectors are starting to see its vast untapped potential as a good investment and grow exponentially with time.

The vinyl records are precious relics for fans. Die-hard fans love collecting things and other merchandise from their favourite celebrities, especially limited edition vinyl. Vinyl records are great collectable storage of good music.



Vinyl never lost fans:

Given the technical advancements in the music industry, vinyl records should have been bygone long ago. But the fans in the community have kept alive the modern resurgence of traditional medium. The audience buying vinyl is under 35, yet vinyl sales have steadily expanded over the past 14 years.

Vinyl fans tend to hang out and connect with music fanatics and other audiophiles. Often listening to albums together, getting to know them and sharing ideas with similar taste in music.

Custom vinyl pressing for short-runs:

Another important reason you must reach out to a vinyl pressing plant is to have your custom vinyl pressing done. These short-run custom vinyl pressings offered by pressing plants have helped indie artists discover their dream of releasing in this format.

Custom vinyl pressing plants are very helpful because there is no minimum order to meet and offer lower cost to pay. It is pleasing for new independent artists to uplift their talent with small run vinyl pressing.

Numerous signed and indie artists are releasing vinyl albums:

Comebacks of vinyl records have pushed famous artists to release singles and albums in this expensive format. Widespread artists like Billie Elish, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Dua lipa even Australian musician Paul Kelly released their latest albums on custom vinyl records.

Other struggling artists will be inspired to do vinyl pressing for their subsequent albums and contributes to the vouge of modern-day vinyl.

Top-notch customizable vinyl records:

Visual wise custom vinyl records are worth collecting; this is what makes custom vinyl records more generic, personalized and having their own identity. Impress vinyl is a custom vinyl record in Australia that produces custom made inner-sleeves, jackets and vinyl records.

Custom vinyl pressing offers more options designs with leaves, glitters, glass, ice, moving liquid or just coloured water, anything of your choice you can have.

The bottom line is that vinyl is incredible, and it is not that difficult to produce custom vinyl records anymore. Custom vinyl pressing in Australia is well equipped to deliver top-notch hassle-free vinyl pressing services and packaging. Impress vinyl experts wraps your music from the labels to grooves with different records and eye-catchy designs with instant pricing. Speak to our vinyl experts today to create beautiful vinyl records.

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