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Why All Soap Dishes are not Created Equally

Soap Dishes

Beauty lies with the beholder. This is not a statement that one would hear concerning soap dishes, but stranger things have happened. For the most part, soap dishes are open containers that are shallow and used to hold bar soaps. They can also refer to any platform where a bar soap is placed after use.

A soap dish is likely to lurk anywhere cleaning is done, including bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Soap dishes have gone from plain old wood to sophisticated ceramics, metal alloys, and glass. They come in diverse shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

Many will agree that the beauty of soap dishes lies within their design and efficacy. The traditional soap dish was a necessary evil as it failed to keep the bar soap dry. However, modern soap dishes are willing to solve old-age problems with new-age solutions. One way of doing this is offering a custom soap dish to the masses.

The Varying Qualities of Soap Dishes

A custom soap dish keeps the traditional use in mind but achieves better outcomes are. The outcomes major in aesthetics, cleanliness, ventilation, placement, and safety.


Interior design enthusiasts think of every detail of every room. The bathroom speaks to a certain standard, and the smallest element like toothbrush color will play a part in the overall look of the room.

The aesthetics of a soap dish plays a crucial role in determining the type to own. A well-sculpted soap dish that allows drainage is highly preferred instead of one without drainage because the latter will leave the soap soggy and unpleasant to use. Moreover, most people opt for a dish that prevents soap damage and retains the soap in its initial shape for as long as possible.

Custom soap dishes come in various colors and are in even more appealing and exotic hues such as burgundy, celadon green, Roca beige, pistachio, or shiny black.


The irony of cleaning materials is that they remain dirty despite their use for cleaning. While a soap dish will hold the soap, it suffers visual degeneration after continued use without cleaning. Soap remnants tend to cake on the dish surface and edges, and as they dry, they become harder to remove. A good soap dish will be easy to clean and prevent rapid settlement of the soap pieces.


A bar of wet soap relies on good ventilation to dry adequately. A curved soap dish allows air circulation beneath the wet soap after the water has drained and solves the problem of soggy soap.


Some people prefer portable soap dishes, while others want them affixed to the wall or tile. Stationery dishes tend to be made of metal or ceramic, which does not easily rust in the constant humidity. Portable dishes will be from varying materials that are also humidity-resistant. More elegant dishes will have a handle or nook to hold onto to prevent contact with the floor as you pick them up.


Though seemingly insignificant, a good soap dish will enhance the safety of every bath or shower. Bathroom accidents tend to be tragic, and they are common, especially due to slippery floors. A good soap dish will promote safety by holding the soap securely and preventing it from constantly dropping to the floor. Also, it will be chip-resistant and free of harmful elements such as lead.

The ideal soap dishes may seem like a trivial matter, but they contribute to the overall design. They subtly provide proof of personality based on the color and design. The best soap dish will also embody functional qualities and hold the soap loftily, protecting it from damage.

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