Which Card Games Are Suitable For Beginners?

Card games have been a great source of fun and entertainment for centuries. People can learn the different types of card games to play with friends and family, and it will never fail to amuse you. Card games played worldwide cannot match the best Indian card games. It is amusing and also a good game for the minds. People need to practice and learn strategic moves based on the rules of each card game.

The best part is that the vintage and classic card games are now available online. Card games to play online are gaining popularity, especially since the pandemic. Some card games that are easy to learn and most suited for beginners are listed below.

  • Crazy Eights

The crazy eights game is straightforward and is played on the concept that the player has to get rid of his eight cards the first to win the game. The game is similar to UNO, where the number eight is the special card. A player places one of their cards on the table, and another puts a card of the same denomination or suit. You may play number eight cards on top of any card, irrespective of the suit and denomination.

  • Go Fish

The card game that is most popular among kids is Go Fish. It is very simple where each player has to make a book of four cards (Eg: Four Aces) until there is no card left on the table. Then, a player has to get rid of his cards fast by making such books to win the game. This game is for beginners, especially children who are starting to learn card games.

  • War

It is a very easy game that favors the luckiest. It is a two-player game where a deck of cards is equally divided. Each player has to place a card at the same time, and the one with the highest number can collect both cards for himself. When a tie occurs, it is called a war. They then place a card from their stack facing down and draw a card each from the stack. The player who gets the highest number can take all six cards in his stack.

  • Rummy

It is a game requiring a combination of strategy and skill. Players have to make pairs of 3 and 4 cards that are consecutive in number from the same suit. Pairs can also be made of the same denominations of different suits. Then, each player can take a card from the stack or use a card thrown by his preceding player by eliminating one card from his stack. He can declare his cards and become the winner once all his pairs are consecutively or similarly paired in 3s and 4s.  Rummy is one of the best Indian card games to play online.

  • Snap

The Snap game has the most ardent fans worldwide for its excitement and simplicity. A deck of cards is equally distributed among the players, and each player has to place their card on the other player’s card. When the card placed matches the previous card, the player shouts “Snap” and can collect the entire pile for himself. Of course, the person who wins the whole deck of cards is the winner.

  • Blackjack

The blackjack game requires a lot of concentration and strategic thinking to win. It is also a particularly popular card game to play online. The dealer hands out two cards each for himself and the two players. Then, the dealer’s cards are faced up, and the players’ cards are faced down. The player can draw another card or stay with the same ones. The goal is to get the value of the cards as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. The dealer or the players who achieve this wins the game.

  • Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire is the most commonly played card game in Microsoft Windows software. 28 of 52 cards are randomly arranged in seven different columns, and the rest are available in a stockpile. The player has to arrange each suit in the card deck in ascending order by turning and rearranging the cards to arrive at the sequence. 

  • Memory

It is more of a learning and memory technique than a game. The player can turn two cards at a time and remember what each card is and where it is. If the two cards don’t make a pair, they are turned down again. The player must eliminate all the pairs by matching and opening the correct pairs. It is perfect for kids to improve their memory power.


The best Indian card games are the ones that bring a family or group of friends together for great fun. Card games promise entertainment and excitement among the players and are most commonly played at home, online, or even at picnics and trips.

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