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When to Call a Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed bugs can make life miserable. Find out when a bed bug exterminator is needed and why you shouldn't try to do it on your own.

Bed bugs are disturbing and disgusting critters but they are not necessarily dangerous to people’s health. While it’s true that bed bugs do not spread or carry diseases, still they make people restless because of their bites. Knowing you have hundreds of bed bugs crawling inside your home would be a dreadful realization. You should never let bed bugs linger inside your home unless you want to continue being the insects’ blood meal every night and suffer from sleep loss.

There is only one viable solution to this—call a bed bug exterminator.

The Importance of Pest Control

If left untreated, bed bugs can invade your entire home. This tiny crawlies may just seem like apple seeds in terms of size, but eliminating them is quite difficult. Bed bug removal requires more than just killing those live bugs you see before you. Remember that bed bugs can hide anywhere as long as there are cracks, gaps, and dark spaces away from human reach. Once they found a comfortable hideout, they breed fast and then hatch eggs every day. Large infestations occur in no time and when this happens, people will begin to spot the live bugs crawling on beddings, mattresses, clothes, walls, and even in other areas of the house. This is the time to allow the intervention of pest control experts.

Signs to Getting Professional Help

DIY treatments and home remedies do help alleviate the bed bug problem and some prevent further infestations. However, we must accept the fact that most DIY methods are not 100% effective. To effectively eradicate and kill all the rest of those creepy-crawlies wherever they may be hiding, the best pest control techniques according to experts are bed bug heat treatment and chemical treatment. However, no one is allowed and qualified to conduct or execute these procedures except a licensed bed bug exterminator. Here are instances that will tell you it’s time to contact an exterminator:

  • When there is increased visibility of the bugs

Bed bugs are hardly seen not only because of their minute size but also because they move discreetly and fast. This is why an infestation is not usually detected during the early stages. Having seen one or two bed bugs is enough indication you have an infestation. However, seeing more of the insects in large numbers is already alarming. It only implies a heavy infestation is now happening. In that case, only a bed bug exterminator can solve the problem using appropriate techniques such as bed bug heat treatment.

  • When bed bugs infiltrate other areas of the household besides the bedroom

Once you notice that the pesky pests have expanded their locations call a pest control expert for help. Typically, bed bugs infest the padded furniture and mattresses. This is where they are in close proximity to their sleeping host at night. If the bed bugs begin to invade other areas of the house they don’t normally dwell on (i.e. computer keyboards, outlets, windowsills), it’s a sign that the problem has gone out of hand. 

  • When victims experience more severe symptoms

As soon as you have bed bugs living in your bed, one of the first symptoms you will have will be bed bug bites. Bed bugs gorge on your blood, leaving your skin with clusters of red bite marks either in a zigzag pattern or straight line. The bites are extremely itchy and if you can’t help but scratch like crazy, you have a tendency of getting an infection. If you and other family members experience more discomfort like a burning sensation due to the bites, more itchy rashes, and increased anxiety, it’s time to take action and leave the problem to the hands of experts.

  • When the bugs keep coming back

If you have already applied all preventive measures and possible home treatments and still the bugs keep returning, then it’s high time you call an experienced exterminator. DIY treatments are not always effective depending on the extent of the infestation. With bed bug exterminators, the right procedure will be carried out and you don’t have to worry about a re-infestation.

 Effective pest control entails conducting the most appropriate technique for the specific pests. As far as bed bugs are concerned, pest control professionals usually suggest bed bug heat treatment. This technique is safer to use and is something an expert is permitted to perform. Calling in the experts is the wisest thing to do if you want to efficiently eradicate bed bugs and prevent a re-infestation.

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