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What to do after your last scalp micropigmentation treatment

Take the following precautions

Take the following precautions after your last treatment session:

  • Avoid direct sunlight for a month and protect your scalp with strong sunscreen.
  • Avoid going to the swimming pool, in a hammam or sauna for about 1 month.
  • Apply moisturizer to your scalp 4 days after your treatment or as advised by your micropigmentation expert.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 5 days or more to allow the pigment to settle into your scalp.
  • Do not hesitate to share all your concerns with your expert whether before or after the last session. Anyway, in order to avoid any problem, he will give you all the information you need.

What steps should you take before and after your first treatment?

Before and after your first procedure, follow these steps:

First, wash your hair before each visit to your micropigmentation expert, because after these, you won’t be able to wash it for 3 or 4 days.

Second, avoid swimming, saunas and hot showers between treatments.

Third, minimize your exposure to direct sunlight for at least 3 or 4 days after your session. Also, when you go outside, cover your head with a hat. For a longer duration of the results of your treatment, avoiding UV is more than recommended.

Additionally, the micropigmentation expert can recommend additional measures to prepare your

Against baldness can we get a hair tattoo?

Still little known in France, micropigmentation consists of tattooing small black dots on the skull with pigments to give the illusion of regrowth.

Since entering working life, a patient, 49, business manager, has lost his hair at the temples and on the top of the skull. “Unfortunately, I don’t have a head to hat,” he regrets. Worried by his rampant baldness, he decided to have a hair transplant but his disappointment was great: “I paid 4,000 euros for the first session to end up with a scar above my neck. I decided not to continue. In 2019, he makes a discovery that will change his life…

For the first time, this balding left to himself hears about a technique still little known in scalp micro usa  the shaved 3D effect. In scientific terms, hair micropigmentation. “To give the idea of regeneration, we tattoo microscopic black dots on the skull with bio-resorbable pigments between 0.1 and 0.3 millimetres,” says Déborah Blanchard, founder of Tricopigmentation Toulouse. I can also fill in vacant spaces on the scalp to produce a dense shaded effect in men who don’t shave. »

Only for brunettes

The realization of this optical illusion, valid only for browns, costs about 4,000 euros for a full skull, at the rate of three sessions of four to five hours each. An annual maintenance session, faster and cheaper, around 150 euros, is recommended. “It stings a little but it’s really not painful, any more than a tattoo”

The extent to which the illusion is effective depends on three main factors:


  1. The skill and judgment of the technician
  2. the materials
  3. the technique used.

The treatment process

During a hair micropigmentation session, the technician will add thousands of tiny pigment deposits that mimic real shaved hair (follicles). A capillary micropigmentation treatment is done over several sessions. For a client who is losing hair to androgenetic alopecia (standard pattern of hair loss), it will be necessary to complete the treatment over 2-4 sessions, with 3 sessions being the norm. Some clients who have significant scarring or a condition, such as Alopecia Areata, may require additional sessions.

When we plan sessions, it is important to make it clear to our clients that the final results will require several sessions. After the second session, the client will come out with much more confidence, as the illusion will either be complete or relatively close to those expectations. With this in mind, the client should schedule another session as close to the first as possible. In fact, the scalp needs a minimum of 5 days to heal. So if you complete the first session on a Wednesday, you can do the second session the following Monday. To be honest, a 7 day gap is recommended, to be sure the scalp is fully healed.

Exceptional growth

The popularity of this approach is skyrocketing. Today, at our SMP Training center is the fastest solution to overcome hair loss, while offering a realistic and natural result. She has earned the trust and respect of the global community, with thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

This procedure consists of replicating hair follicles, individually, using natural pigments. A thin needle is used to deposit these pigments on the first layer of the skin during the procedure. As a result, a shaved hair effect or a density effect on longer hair is obtained. This treatment is equally popular and effective for both men and women. In both cases, micropigmentation gives the appearance of having a full head of hair.

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