10 Reasons Why Georgia Tech is Best for Indian Students Planning to Study Abroad


The Georgia Institute of Technology is a renowned research university committed to increasing human welfare through advanced science and technology. The university’s research capabilities are well-known. In 1888, the university welcomed just 84 students for the first time. Its purpose is to establish leaders who will advance technology while also improving people’s lives.

Until 1940, the university was known as a technological university in the region. The Georgia Institute of Technology has always focused on preparing students to use cutting-edge technologies and strong work ethics to solve real-world problems and provide solutions that make people’s lives easier.


Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges has accredited Georgia Tech University. Learners can earn bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees at the university. Its mission and strategic plan are centred on making a positive difference in people’s lives all over the world. The colleges of Design, Computing, Engineering, Sciences, Business, and Liberal Arts offer majors and degrees. It offers the best master’s in Engineering Management in the USA.

Research Facilities

Today’s innovations frequently occur at the crossroads of disciplines. The research enterprise at Georgia Tech encourages the kind of multidisciplinary approach that allows for these breakthroughs. We’ve broken down barriers between our schools, colleges, and interdisciplinary research organisations in order to deliver the results that federal agencies, businesses, state governments, and private organisations expect from research investments.

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In-campus Opportunities

Students at Georgia Tech have numerous opportunities to work across the campus. When there are any openings, various job positions are advertised on the website’s student centre page. The majority of these are paid opportunities which allow students to supplement their income while remaining on campus. Mural artist, student assistant, undergraduate or graduate assistant, front end developer, and other positions are available.

Internships & Placements

Georgia Tech has a ‘The Global Research and Internship Program’ aka GRIP. this program facilitates overseas work and research internship experiences for the student based on their major or career interests. The Georgia Institute of Technology hosts a number of career fairs and development programmes for students on campus. Hundreds of companies connect with Georgia Tech every year to hire students from a variety of fields. Apple, Accenture, Twilio, Quora, Samsung, Yahoo, General Motors, Axis Group, and others are among the companies that hire Georgia Tech graduates. As


Georgia Tech has a global alumni network of over 140,000 people. Nobel laureates, presidents of countries, scholars, notable business leaders, educational pioneers, well-known politicians and public servants, astronauts, and others are among the university’s alumni.

Top-Notch Education

Look at any university-based rankings or charts, and you’ll find that American universities are among the best, effortlessly blending academics, research, and extracurricular activities. Despite the fact that the American education system attracts a large number of international students. The university offers over 300 graduate programmes and 95+ postgraduate and doctoral programmes, with excellent research initiatives to provide cutting-edge courses.

Academic Programs

Georgia tech offers numerous programs like Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (Basic & Advanced), President’s Scholarship Program, Global Research and Internship Program, Vertically Integrated Projects Program, The International Plan, Summer Language Programs ans so on. These all programs offer tremendous opportunities to students and they get to be a part & learn via these programs.


Georgia Tech has students from around the globe. These students belong from different races, ethnicities, ages, and genders, from all parts of the country and abroad. When you’re at the campus, engagement with people belonging to different cultures expans knowledge and tickles the creative thinkng, critical thinking, problem-solving and so many more traits. You get to learn new things and languages.

Campus & Student Life

The university spans across wooded acres in the heart of Atlanta. The campus has more than 400+ student organizations, 13 honor socities & 56 greek organisations. Students have plenty of company to learn outside the classroom and help you in achieving your passions & interests. The Georgia Tech Residential Facilities has 40 residence halls, 20+ On-campus dining, 24/7 campus patrol by Georgia Tech Police Department & LiveSafe App, and more.

Student Mentoring Program  –

The university has VIP Program i.e Vertically Integrated Projects Programme. Students collaborate with faculty on large-scale, long term multidisciplinary project teams. Returning students take on mentoring, leadership, and/or additional responsibilities relevant to their fields of study and earn academic credit and can participate for multiple semesters.


The college ranked within the top 100 schools globally. This school might appear to be difficult academically, but unlike other schools, it hs an active social life and a competitive sports program.

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