What is Manglik dosh, and how to cure it?

Are you having marital problems? If so, it might be because of Manglik dosh. This is a Sanskrit term that means “auspicious curse.”

It refers to a type of planetary position that often causes marital problems in the individual who has it or, more commonly, their children.

In order to take care of this problem one might have to undertake an online astrology consultation with a qualified astrologer who can provide information on how to cure this problem.

What is Manglik dosh?

Manglik dosh refers to a type of planetary position that brings auspicious results in the lives of those who have it.

However, its effects can sometimes be unfortunate for the individual who has these particular planetary alignments and his or her children.

The Mangalik dosha is caused by the presence of an exalted or strong malefic Sun, Mars or Saturn in the horoscope of an individual.

It is believed that these planets are responsible for giving rise to Manglik dosh only when they occupy certain specific houses in the horoscope.

Types of Manglik Dosh

Manglik Dosh is a serious problem in Hindu astrology.

Manglik Dosh is like a curse cast upon someone. Mangal Dosha generally has two types — namely Mangal Dosha and Manglik Dosh.

The Mangal Dosha is given birth by the effect of Mars ( Mangal ) in the 8th house of the zodiac chart, whereas It  is given birth due to Mangal’s effects in different houses of the horoscope. Mangal Dosha is given birth if Mangal ( Mars ) occupies 4th to 7th degrees & 12th degrees from lagna (Ascendant).

Manglik Dosh passes through two houses i.e, Mangal ki Rashi or Mangal Nakshatra pass through 2 different houses. Mangal Dosha is of more influential than Manglik Dosh.

Mangal bhagya is a good Mangal Dosha whereas Mangal dush is a bad.

Manglik Dosh gives intense pain in married life. It doesn’t affect the individual who has it, but rather, its effects are felt by his or her children.

In general, if any planet is Manglik, then it will produce Manglik effects.

Symptoms of Manglik dosh

The exalted Sun is considered the most auspicious of the planets that can cause Manglik dosh.

If this particular planet is strong in nature it will give rise to unexpected prosperity and success for both the husband and wife.

However, an afflicted malefic Saturn or Mars occupying space in the horoscope also gives rise to Manglik dosh while giving rise to unexpected separation for the couple.

The following are its symptoms:

  • Marital discord
  • Spouse suffering from chronic disease
  • Difficulties in conceiving a child
  • Impotency in the husband
  • Difficulties in childbirth for the wife
  • Partial or complete loss of eyesight

How can online astrology consultation help?

An online astrologer is often more qualified than a conventional astrologer to provide online astrology consultation services for Manglik dosh.

They can take a thorough online astrological reading of your horoscope and then provide you with the help that you need to this dreaded planetary alignment.

The online astrologer will be able to give information on how to cure Manglik dosh online.

There are numerous online astrology consultation platforms such as we-astro to choose from.

Simply visit one of your choice and get help.

Other remedies for Manglik Dosh online are:

– Perform online prayers online.

– Keep an eye on the ascending sign during online astrology consultation.

– Perform online birth chart building online.

– Perform online horoscope matching online.

– Undertake online astrology consultation online.


There are numerous online remedies for Manglik dosh, which can be taken up with your online astrologer during online astrology consultation sessions.

You will find them beneficial and learn how to handle Manglik dosh in the right way.

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