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What Can Be The Benefits Of Choosing Node.JS?

In the last few years, Node.js has emerged as the top developer choice for getting web application services. There are multiple benefits to it. The platform makes it a great alternative for cross-platform development over communication channels. It is a highly popular application in the US which has got about 6.3 million websites using it. In fact, a survey stated about 85% make use of Node.js for the app development services. Research also stated that open-source helps reduce the cost by 58%. This provides the programmers with an easy way to use JavaScript to create tools for server-side scripting. However, you must also know that outsourcing company India can be beneficial as the cost will be low. Not to mention the professionals there have got proper skills and knowledge to handle all types of app development services. They can guarantee delivery on time.

Node.js is yet another highly popular option one can consider for web development services. But if you are not sure, then here are the reasons why using Node.js will be a great option for your business.

Why choose Node.js?

As an open-source runtime environment, it provides great package management, native bindings, unified API, and a lot more. Here’s how the use of technology can be beneficial.

1. Speed

The Google-developed V8 engine powers Node.js. It allows for JavaScript to be easily converted to machine code. This contributes to development time-saving. The products meant for web app development with Node.js can handle a higher number of parallel connections. Thanks to the app development service of Node.js, a popular payment platform Paypal successfully reduced the app response time by 35%. With such great products, the company was able to secure double the number of user requests.

2. Cost savings

The web development companies receive multiple inquiries from prospects for hiring dedicated Node.js developers. But most of the time, the product suite consists only of specific services. When the cost-saving benefits are analyzed, it was found that development cost is far less than any other options available. Its memory footprint is smaller when compared to Java servers or PHP.

Not to mention the server built on Node.js will run on an event-driven loop which will help save a lot amount of RAM and, in turn, software and hardware resources.

3. Advance caching

When you hire a Node.js developer, the experts first pay attention to the caching capabilities. It is the caching sign modules that help in eradicating the need for the executing code as the server calls them the first module. Further caching allows the website to load faster and provide a better user experience.

4. Real-time development

The real-time applications provide a spontaneous engagement environment for the users. The example includes messenger and gaming applications. Their development involves has got numerous non-blocking servers used for event-based programming. The developers can make use of their efforts toward real-time application development through the use of Node.js. It will help ease the operation and optimize the coordination with the CPU and the memory.

5. Event-driven

All of the APIs that are developed in the Nord.js library are asynchronous. A server that is based on Nord.js will not wait for the application programming interface to return the data. Instead, it calls the API. Now Node.js built-in notification mechanism will connect with the server to procure the data. Finally, it returns calls from the previous API.

6. Scalable

A company experienced in the industry will prescribe its use in areas like data streaming applications, single-page applications, and API-based applications. They keep in mind the scalability of the plan for recommending the services. The Node.js web application development sets ultra-high-speed computation speed to Google’s V8 engines.

Node.js makes use of microservices with which it divides the application into the finer process. It can all be allocated in parallel to multiple teams. It will assure the development goes in sync with the rising user request.

7. Data streaming

In contrast to popular belief, product development is not as easy as it seems. The Node.js developing company has already understood it the hard way. Gerein the Input-Output handling is the key component. Handling of which can get trickier. But this is not the case with Node.js mobile app development as it supports I/O bound applications. While using the apps that are built on Node.js, users can easily transfer the multimedia file simultaneously while they are being uploaded to the server.

8. Well rounded community

A survey has revealed that Node.js was voted number one for about two years running in the miscellaneous technology category. This clearly shows how widespread the community is. The constant upgrade encourages people to come back for more access to the ready-to-use code bites and plugins.

9. Technical support

Another great reason you need to hire Node.js app developers for web development is the parent, which provides long-term support. After the successful release of each version of Node.js, the code is required to be maintained for the next 18 months. Instead of bringing in new updates or features, the period can be used for fixing bugs and collecting user feedback. It has been noted that a long-term platform had about 62% of the developers.

10. SEO friendly

When it comes to SEO practices, the developers adopt a strong approach when they choose to design a website and then make design it SEO suitable. But things are different with Node.js. It has built-in features that provide keypad quotes suitable for search engine algorithms. The company that provides Node.js development services understands and knows the points. They know the authority of the open source, which can be used in the best possible manner. It is a highly integral option with open source libraries that can work great for the businesses’ needs.

11. Microservices

The great enterprise projects which require inclination towards the implementation of microservices are based on architecture. It can be fulfilled through Node.js. The server approach faced diverted in the long term also guarantees proper support from the end of Node.js service providers.

Projects to start with Node.js

When you choose to work with Node.js developers, the following projects must be trained by your in-house team.

  • Single-page apps

In the current time, applications have to bear the overload semblance partially because of the need for processing the client data. Working in such an environment guarantees faster response time between the client-side and the server. This is the founding tenet. Each of the pages is based on it.

  • Conventional web apps

Amateur Node.js developers can start writing a conventional web application. It will allow for stringing HTML data in an effortless manner.

  • Proxy development

While offering Node.js development services, the experts examine the installation of load as a proxy server. It has worked quite smoothly to date. It helps in cases where the application relies on external services for exporting or importing the data.


Given the high demand for web development services, businesses need to come up with effective strategies and plans so that they can stay ahead of their competitors. Making use of Node.js no doubt happens to be a reliable way of finding a reliable professional for the service. India happens to be a major source of attraction for the companies globally, given the cost-effective service and also the skills and expertise of the professionals there. No matter the requirement of the company, the professionals have got a clear idea of how to deal with it and assure positive response and services every time. It will be beneficial if you carry on with the project and hire the best professional for the job requirement.

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