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Web Design Tips Every Designer Should Follow

We all know the importance of a website in today’s digital era but many of us stay unaware of the importance of a good website. A good website today is a trope using which you ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition and makes it big. And therefore, investing in a good website is always an investment worth making. But what exactly are the features of a good website? What are those features that ensure that your website is always one step ahead of your competitors? If you are a web designer in Melbourne, you should know the answer to this question to create impactful websites and if you are an individual in need of a website, you must know the answer so as to ensure that you are actually investing in the best website out there. So, being the best web design company in Melbourne, to help you out, we have brought for you a list of 4 web design tips that every designer should follow. Know what these are and create or become proud owners of websites that matter.

1.  Vouch For A Minimalist Web Design

Leave behind overcrowded or cluttered website design and opt for a minimalist one. A website acts as a portfolio for your business. It is through this website that people are introduced to your business and it is through it that you ensure that your vision reaches your target audience. So, when a person visits your website, they should immediately be able to find what they came looking for and for that, a minimalistic website design is of utmost importance.

Why Opt For a Minimalist Web Design?

  • Reduces the loading time and considering how as per statistics 88.5% of users immediately leave a website with slow loading you know how important this is.
  • Light websites are easily read by search engines and therefore rank higher.
  • Minimalist websites are easy to navigate and therefore more user-friendly.
  • Minimalist web designs are not just user-friendly but pocket-friendly too.

As the leading web design agency in Melbourne, we are well aware of these reasons and work accordingly and if you are also invested in building the best websites, then opting for a minimalistic design is the way ahead.

2.  Let User Experience Top Your Priority List

What is a good website if not user-friendly? Imagine for yourself, you visit a website and it is not easy to navigate, doesn’t work well on your smartphone and takes a lot of time to load. How likely are you to engage with that business? A lot less likely, right? And that is why when creating a website, the user experience should be the criteria that you prioritise over everything else. Now the question is what are the features of a user-friendly website design. Hear from our web designers in Melbourne what these features are.

Features of a User-friendly Website

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Less loading time
  • Browser compatibility
  • Easy to navigate
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Clear content hierarchy

Incorporate all these features into your website and create a user-friendly website that will appeal to all your visitors.

3.  Readable and Informative Content

As we already mentioned, your website acts as a portfolio for your business. And what is a portfolio if it is not informative and doesn’t help convey every important detail about your brand? So, the content that you choose to include in your website should be both creative and informative. Starting from the vision of your business, client testimonials to a description of the products and services that you offer, your website should have it all and that too in a format that is easy to understand.

  • Don’t go for a too flowery language that would be hard to decipher but at the same time, your content should have a creative touch.
  • Your content should be informative but not too wordy.
  • Your content should have a clear hierarchy so that visitors could easily find what they were looking for. Here, using heading and subheading are quite helpful.
  • And using good content is how you rank on top of SERPs.

4.  Use High-quality Custom Visuals

Did you know that a human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text and when a text is accompanied by images, the retention rate rises exponentially? And this is exactly the reason why as the best web design company in Melbourne we recommend that your website should have a balance of written and visual content. But that doesn’t mean you would pick random stock images from the internet and include them on your website. These images and videos should be personal, they should be custom made and reflect the vision of your brand. And also, the images should be of the appropriate quality. The resolution should be just enough to offer good quality but at the same time should not increase your website’s loading time.

Remember all of these tips when building a website and make sure to give your website a trial run before you officially launch your website into the world out there. So, these were the tips that we brought straight from our web designers in Melbourne. Follow them and you are all set to build websites that make a difference.

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